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I’ve Somehow Pulled the #1 Draft Position. Ugh!

It’s been a long time coming.  The last time I pulled the #1 draft position in my money league was way back when I took Emmitt Smith with the pick (and he was actually good!).  Since then year after year I always have a draft pick near the bottom of the 1st round.  Now what to do?

Truth be told, I actually much prefer the bottom of the 1st round, since you also get to choose at the top of the 2nd round pick.  Getting two stud Running Backs in the 1st and 2nd round solidify’s my preferred draft strategy.  I’m honestly really comfortable down there.  As everyone out there knows, what comes with the #1 overall pick is a long-long-long wait back to the #24 and #25 picks.  Every good RB is gone, and in a league with Coutts, Holm, and Rumsey, those stud RBs are gone, long gone.  What to do, what to do.

Well, here’s a few thoughts on what I’m thinking.  I can tell you one thing though, I honestly don’t know which way I’m going just now.  And I’m not telling those guys either!!  

Order below is based on current projections.

1. Priest Holmes, Kansas City
In the words of my best friend, John Tartaro, a few years ago, “what does this guy have to do to move up the fantasy charts?”.  Well finally maybe he’s getting some respect.  Although in some other lists I’ve seen him as low as #6!  Yes..#6!  With only 1420 yards rushing and 700 yards receiving on 74 catches last year one might say those aren’t stellar numbers.   Hello people!!  Look a little deeper.  27 TD’s last year.  YES, that’s right 27!    The next best guy was Green with 20 TDs.  That WILL win you a championship!  If Holmes is sitting at #6, like the some are predicting, I’m leaving the house.  Oh wait, the draft is at my house.  Darn.

2. Ladainian Tomlinson, San Diego
How can anyone argue this guy is not a legitimate stud?  You can’t.  He had 1645 yards rushing and 725 big yards receiving last year on 100 catches!  Want a negative?  He plays for San Diego and they are going to stink this year, again.  How many TD’s can this guy get on a team that can’t move the ball.  Yes, he’ll get his touches no doubt, but I’m nervous about his end zone production this coming year. 

3. Ahman Green,  Green Bay
1883 yards rushing and 367 receiving yards on 50 catches.   He’s solid and has been year after year.  Ahman is about as safe a pick as anyone can make.  If I had the #3 or #4 pick, and he was there, I wouldn’t think twice.  But, is Ahman that stud that’s going to propel you to a FFL championship?  Maybe, but you better surround him with some decent talent.

4.  Edjerrin James, Indianapolis
If you look at last years total numbers, that won’t tell the James story.  1257 rushing yards and 292 receiving yards on 51 catches.  Not great, huh.  Well, look again.  That was playing 13 games last year.  Extrapolate those number out across 16 games and you’ve got numbers that are closer to 1600 rushing yards and 400 yards receiving on 70 catches. That’s a stud to carry you to a championship.  And he doesn’t have the negative that Tomlinson has.  He’s plays on an explosive offensive team that can score quickly and often.  Don’t worry about those points going someplace else.  When a NFL team puts up 30+ points a game, James will have a good day for sure!

5. Deuce McAllister, New Orleans
Duece is another guy I put in the solid but not #1 material category.  You know you’re getting 1600 rushing yards from him and 500 receiving yards on 70 catches.  Terrific numbers no doubt.  But, a #1 kind of guy?  Probably not.  If Deuce is sitting at #4 or #5 in your draft, jump on board and ride this horse.

6. Marshal Faulk, St. Louis
Only played 11 games last year so the numbers aren’t really there to compare to the guys above.  There’s only one way to look at Faulk.  High risk, high gain.  When playing a full season there’s no one better.  But will he?  That’s just not a #1 pick in my opinion.  You just can’t take that chance right there.


7.  Others
Ricky Williams is an intriguing pick to me.  He’s a solid stud week to week and on a decent team.  He should have another good year.  What about Clinton Portis?  Very highly regarded last year.  Only played 13 games, but was absolutely terrific when he played, almost 1600 yards in those 13 games.  You do the math.  But, he’s on a new team this year that can be described at best, mediocre.   What about Jamal Lewis? Talk about a guy that gets no respect. All he did was lead the league in rushing last year with over 2000 yards!

There’s others.  But, none that qualify in the upper echelon’s of a potential #1 pick.  So, time to think long and hard about where to go this year.  Plus, I can’t imagine what will be left we we get back around the horn to #24 and #25.  Maybe Marcel Shipp will be there?  Ugh.

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