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I had hope for

Kellen Clemens, the U of Oregon standout. The hope now is that he comfortable holding a clipboard. When the news came of Favre being traded to the Jets, the first thing that came to my mind was the value of the players that surround him.

Given that the Jets have not had a decent performance since the departure of

Curtis Martin at RB. I really see Favre helping Thomas Jones‘s rushing attack. Here are the other players that should benefit from the new acquisition:

Laverneus Coles: Coles remains a third tier receiver with my projection of 1000 yards and 5 scores. He still has RAC ability. I have a hard time seeing him climb out of the third tier.

Jericho Cotchery: I believe he will develop into the main possesion receiver and will come in at 1300 yards, 8 tds. His upside is much better than Coles as his work ethic is solid. There is no offseason for Cotchery.

Dustin Keller: Brett turns tight ends into fantasy gold. Rookie TE’s usually are undrafted in fantasy and added after a few end zone trips. Expect Keller to surprise and have a solid rookie campaign with 680 yards, 4 scores.

Thomas Jones: There isn’t a better screen pass QB than Favre. Expect to see Jones have a good season catching the ball as well. Look for 1080 yards rushing, 650 yards receiving, and 9 total tds.

Bubba Franks: Could it be? Favre’s old reliable target. Expect low yardage (<300 Yards) and 5td’s.

Brad Smith: This guy has talent, but his is too much like the Matt Jones experiment minus the cocaine. A real wild card. I expect him to open some eyes from the slot. He gives Favre a deep threat. I have no projection for him based on the Jets never taking the deep shots. I expect the Jets to now with the gunslinger at the helm.

Chad Pennington: Finally will get what is the best option for him. A plane ticket and a ham sandwich. Expect him to workout for Minnesota, and the Bucs.

It’s very simple, take a guy who can make all the throws and replace a guy who can’t. Favre is an upgrade from day one. Expect a very competitive Jets team to put up more yards, points, and wins. I see them at 10-6.

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