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Jimmy Graham: Don’t Jump Ship Just Yet

Jimmy Graham‘s allure heading into the season was as an every week starter. At a volatile position folks otherwise tend to plug-and-play from the waiver wire. In drafting Rob Gronkowski, Graham, Travis Kelce, somebody of that ilk … you felt secure in knowing that barring injury, tight end is locked down for your team. Turns out that just two weeks in, Graham is outside the fantasy TE1 bubble looking in. When you pause to consider Seattle’s situation, though, there is reason for optimism.

It just so happens that two of the stoutest defenses on their slate came in Weeks 1 and 2, which should explain part of Graham’s lackluster receiving numbers. Also, the team’s bread and butter offensively has been running the freakin’ football. Seeing as Marshawn Lynch is having difficulty finding the usual running lanes and more is going to be asked of Russell Wilson as a passer, it seems inevitable that Graham’s target count will see a healthy uptick. If coach Pete Carroll and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell are intent on getting back into the business of winning games, that is.

Things are poised to get better in a hurry, with back-to-back home games against Chicago and Detroit. Chicago isn’t really that bad from a matchup standpoint on paper, but they feature below-average defensive personnel and have yet to face any tight ends of note. Detroit yielded a touchdown to opposing tight ends in each game thus far. ‘Buying low’ is a fantasy sports term that applies to Graham quite well. Translation: certainly don’t cut him and furthermore, see if you can’t trade for him while the demand is low. You’ll thank yourself later.

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