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JL’s Week 1 Observation Deck

The time between Week 1 and Week 2 is actually one of the most difficult times for a fantasy manager. You only have one week’s worth of results and information to consider when you start taking into consideration certain factors that determine your next managerial decision. If a player has a good or bad game in Week 9 of the season, you can easily dismiss a bad performance as ‘just one week,’ whereas for the next few days, it’s the only performance you have to take into account.

There are a few fantasy football rules and regulations you should always abide by. No matter how great your team performed or how poorly your team made out; it really is essential you stay true to the following:

1) Keep perspective. Think about the big picture. Of course this is the most obvious rule of them all, and one you should follow all season long. The NFL season is a marathon. The more you see it as a sprint, the more mistakes you will make when managing your team. It’s amazing how many managers take in to account dozens of factors before making a draft pick, but then when one result (and only one result) is finally posted, it becomes the only thing that matters to them.

2) Don’t overreact. This rule goes hand in hand with No. 1, but it works both ways. If a desperate manager offers you
C.J. Spiller
for your No. 2 running back who had a solid game, you take advantage of that. More importantly, though, you cannot become that desperate manager who is offering trades after one week’s worth of play. The rule of thumb is wait a minimum of three weeks of play before even considering making a significant move of any sorts. An ancillary trade of sorts is OK, such as you trading your fourth wide receiver for a third running back to replace a
Shane Vereen

type. But as far as players you drafted in the first three rounds of your draft, there is no need to panic. One week’s worth of football should never sway your opinion of a player you drafted that greatly in a negative manner to sell him so soon.

3) Take the emotion out of it. You are likely feeling a little bit too high or a little bit too low after the opening week. This feeling is the exact feeling you get when you are sitting at a poker table after winning or losing a big hand. One of the biggest keys to both poker and fantasy football is trying your absolute best to take the emotion out of it by staying patient and trusting the preparation you put into learning about each of these games of skill. The feeling ‘to make a change,’ is equivalent to trying to get all your money back on one hand of poker by chasing cards. In the moment, it becomes a feeling of hope in a poor situation, but in the end turns out being the No. 1 mistake you can make when you put yourself in a much worse position than you would have been if you had stayed the course.

Quick Hits

It really is time to put to rest any doubts left about
Colin Kaepernick

’s passing ability. There is nothing this guy can’t do from within the pocket. No quarterback in football threw the ball downfield more on a per-pass-attempt basis when factoring in the length that his passes traveled. He wasn’t just taking what the defense gave him, either. Kaepernick made pinpoint throws to all parts of the field and outdueled
Aaron Rodgers
in a game in which the Green Bay secondary was exposed as only a great quarterback can do. This is why I considered San Francisco the Super Bowl favorites before the season, and this game in particular will be the reason I feel confident in my pick for the duration of the season.

The worst gameplan of the week award goes to Norv Turner and Rob Chudzinski. The strength of the Cleveland Browns will be and can only be the running game with 
Trent Richardson

. Richardson carried five times for 26 yards on the opening Browns possession in which he made multiple defenders miss. After that, the wheels fell off as Richardson only carried eight more times the entire tightly contested game. A game in which
Josh Gordon
was not on the field but
Brandon Weeden

 still attempted an astounding 53 passes. I’ve never been one to promote an ultra-conservative gameplan but the Browns offensive line is a better run blocking unit than it is a pass blocking unit as shown by Weeden being pressured on just over half of his attempts. These coaches need to adjust or the Browns will have another long season in a division they could have a real chance to compete in.

Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle
Dontari Poe

 was one of the most impressive defenders the NFL had to offer on Sunday afternoon. He constantly drove back Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman into the backfield, held his ground against double teams and showed a great motor for such a massive man. Poe even ran down the line and tackled
Justin Forsett
on a screen play that displayed his incredible athleticism. Albeit against the Jaguars, the Chiefs defense is a unit loaded with motivated players who are talented and it all starts up front with Poe, a potential All-Pro. Don’t be expecting many successful rushing days for your fantasy running back against Kansas City.

Every team the Philadelphia Eagles have played in their home opener since 2009 have gone on to win the Super Bowl. Crazy stat. San Diego travels to Philadelphia on Sunday. I think the streak is over.

There has been a lot of talk about the Dallas Cowboys this summer, about offensive coordinator Bill Callahan’s plans to bring the running game back to Dallas for the 2013 season. And while it isn’t a bad idea, I can only hope they don’t fall into the trap of trying to run the ball too much in the first half of games as they did many times in 2012. The reason the season-ending stats didn’t reflect a balanced team was simply because the Cowboys fell behind so early and so often with their ultra-conservative game plans during the early going of their games. Don’t believe me?
Dez Bryant

 didn’t catch a first half touchdown pass in 2012 until Week 16. It was no coincidence, folks. With that said, I liked the play calling Callahan displayed Sunday night and it bodes well for all parties when it comes to this offense providing several fantasy studs.

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Make sure to follow me @JohnnyLFootball on twitter. Ask me any questions you might have regarding sit/start decisions, trades or even hit me up if you need me to talk you out of the panic you feel after your Week 1 loss. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here next week.

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