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JL’s Week 14 Observation Deck

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As we enter Week 15, it is very likely if you are still reading fantasy football information sites, you are very close to reaching the championship of your given league. It is always hard to weigh a hot player against a player who hasn’t been putting up elite numbers but has a great matchup this week. For example, what if you are deciding between Marshawn Lynch and Felix Jones this week? Start the player who is clearly been playing at an elite level or do you start the player who is fresh against a below average defense? It is a decision you will have to live with one way or another. I advise two things here to keep in mind … follow your instinct and gut feeling first and foremost. If you do that, making the wrong decision will be a lot easier on yourself. Secondly, stick to your research and on field football matchup knowledge. Case and point, Jones would be my choice of the two if I had the option this weekend.

As for playing in leagues with head-to-head regular seasons and a six-team seeded head-to-head playoff format, I say to you, think outside the box. I recommend shortening the regular season to less than 13 games and putting more emphasis on making sure the best two teams make the championship game. How do you do such a thing you ask? You can either make each round more than one week in length, or you can throw seeding out the window and have more of a total points race to the finish in the playoff weeks to either make or win the championship.

If you love the idea of a one-week, Week 16 matchup for all the marbles, fine. There are ways to keep that intact and still take some luck out of the equation. Leagues where having one bad week in the playoffs can cost you a championship simply should not exist any longer with the customizability of fantasy football website on the internet today. If you want to consider your league a serious league, and place a large emphasis or ‘prize’ for capturing your league’s championship, it is time to consider making some changes.

If you are desperate for a quarterback this week, you must take a look at Jake Locker against the Indianapolis Colts. Even in deeper leagues, he probably is still available. You can pretty much count on a touchdown worth of rushing yards, and his chances of being a bust in this contest are extremely low. Another thing I really like about Locker is he is not afraid to put the ball up deep down field. And while he has a limited sample size, his 8.7 yards per attempt is a very positive sign against a Bottom 5 secondary this week.

It wouldn’t be a readable column without mentioning Tim Tebow, would it? Why does this guy have almost 800 fourth quarter passing yards in eight starts? Everyone is trying to figure it out. It is such a simple answer to me it is almost comical. What else is comical, is when people say John Fox should be in consideration for Coach of the Year. Fox is still very skeptical of Tebow, and that is why they run the most conservative offense in the entire NFL in the first three quarters. Which brings us to the real football answer to the mystery question. The reason Tebow throws for so many fourth quarter yards… is because they let him throw! And he is doing quite well! The man has tremendous pocket presence and makes great decisions. His accuracy is highly underrated, and while I thought he was a bit off on more throws than usual Sunday, his wide receivers are in the bottom few in the league when it comes to gaining separation. Don’t be the sports talk radio dude who calls in and still thinks Tebow can’t play. I hear people say, “Well, he will never win a Super Bowl.” I am just glad we have already progressed well past wondering if he was a NFL starter and now wonder just how far he could lead the Denver Broncos. Most importantly, keep in mind that he is only 11 total starts into his career. Eleven!

The Kansas City Chiefs firing Todd Haley was the right move. His sense of entitlement and arrogance was evident with two mistakes on his part that cost him his job. His handling of the preseason and training camp when the lockout ended. I still believe that was the only reason for the Chiefs’ slow start and might have even contributed to the injuries to Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry. The other mistake, of course, keeping Tyler Palko on the football field. Palko should have been benched for Ricky Stanzi after his first miserable start.

The Chiefs had mustered about one touchdown in 49 offensive possessions before the touchown Sunday late in the game in which they were getting blown out. The problem is, no coach with a past worth speaking of will come to Kansas City because owner Clark Hunt does not want to spend the money necessary to make the Chiefs a legit contender, something they haven’t been since 2005. If you think the Chiefs were a legit contender in 2010, just ask yourself, really what was their signature win? It was against Norv Turner. Enough said.

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