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JL’s Week 4 Observation Deck

Quick Hits

Only four road teams were victorious in Week 4. Of course, it is because the parity is at an all-time high in the NFL these days. If you don’t believe, just remember the Chiefs took out the Broncos by two touchdowns Sunday afternoon.

The Raiders attempted a 76-yard field goal Sunday. I know Sebastian Janikowski has a good leg, but still that is a joke. There is no way he ever hit one of those in practice, so why risk a big play by the Chargers special teams?

Santana Moss continues to have one of those years. Ya know, one of those where he finishes in the Top 5. Happens every two or three years, so make sure you are on the bandwagon.

The Tennesee Titans still have something to prove to me. I feel like they have not been tested by an elite offense yet in 2008. I love the Titans running game, but I saw things in Week 3 vs. the Texans that lead me to believe they are not a Super Bowl contender as some believe.

Lance Moore is not a fluke. I picked him up in a couple leagues because Drew Brees has shown confidence throwing to him in big situations. He was being used sparingly. Now he is going to be used much more and even was targeted in the red zone. This guy is worthy of a starting spot in all 12-team leagues that start three WR’s.

Larry Johnson ran like LJ this past Sunday. That is the guy who rushed for two consecutive 1,700 yard seasons in 2005 and 2006. He ran with a purpose, did not settle for small gains and even make a huge play to start the game. I expect him to keep this nice production up; not 200-yard days but solid 100-yard performances can be expected four or five more times this season.

The Eagles WR who intrigues me is Reggie Brown. I know he has been a bust in years’ past but the fact of the matter remains that when he and McNabb are healthy, he makes plays. They both have not been healthy in a while, but it seems as if Reggie is getting there. I think he is for sure worth a roster spot and could be guy who plays like a Top 20 WR the last eight games of the season if things go right.

Speaking of the Eagles, lets talk about them as a whole. Obviously, a lot rides on their defense. And when picking games games in which the Eagles are involved one critical aspect to look at is the opposing quarterback. If it is someone who can get the ball out quickly; that team can easily run up some points on the Eagles defense. Their D masks their lack of talent by blitzing more than any other team in the NFL. I believe most people might know this, but most people probably don’t understand just how vulnerable their defense actually is when facing a quarterback who is content getting the ball out quickly. The Redskins will get another division road victory in week 5 because of the West Coast Jim Zorn has put together.

Michael Bush is the best Oakland Raider running back, period.

If you find yourself 1-3 or even 0-4 in fantasy football this year, it is either because you have really bad luck, or because your team is not performing like you anticipated. I have always been a person who likes to buy players low and sell high. I truly believe there are a lot of players to still get your hands on who will out perform their value of right now.

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