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JL’s Week Eight Observations

Excuse my tardiness. Busy week postponed my article.

I will first mention the Patriots vs Colts matchup only because I want to say how overrated this game is. This game simply means who will get home field advantage, and even if the Colts win, I could see them losing two more games this season. This game actually means very very little because both of these teams are LOCKS for the playoffs and they will probably play the biggest game of the year, but its not this week, it will be the AFC Championship. Regardless of where that game is out, either team can win. The Patriots will win this one though.

As I have been saying for weeks.

Lee Evans will breakout. It finally happened, and it is for one simple reason.

JP Losman is back under center. This is the kind of production you can expect the rest of the season if Losman retains the job. Which he should, if Edwards gets his job back, I will consider

Dick Jauron the worst coach in the league. Evans in all three of his previous seasons has scored 6 or more TD’s the second half of the year. I could definitely see a repeat performance, or should I say 4-peat?

Antonio Gates makes big plays seem effortless. He is one of the most productive tight ends of all-time already and this season he has a good chance to break records.

Chris Chambers‘ arrival can only help take pressure off the middle of the field.

Brett Favre‘s pass to

Greg Jennings in overtime to beat the Broncos was the best deep pass thrown by any quarterback in the league thus far this season. If you are any type of passing game coach around the nation, you should show kids that pass to teach how to run and throw a fade route. Jennings did not have an enormous amount of separation from

Dre Bly but the ball was dropped in between the numbers and the sideline about 5 yards in bounds. Jennings kept enough space between him and the sideline as well, which allowed Favre to throw it over his outside shoulder where only the wide receiver would be able to catch it. Absolutely perfect execution.

The Packers have taken out 2 AFC West teams already this season in the Chargers and the Broncos, they will surely beat the Raiders as well in Green Bay. One place I do not seem them escaping with a victory is in Arrowhead Stadium this next Sunday.

The Bucs better watch out. The Saints are back in NFC South. Go back and read my article the days following

Deuce McAllister‘s injury. I predicted that would be the key to getting the Saints back on track, sounds crazy I know. If you watch the game, the Saints don’t waste time trying to establish a running game the doesn’t create big plays. They get

Reggie Bush on the edge, get him in space with his receptions, play action and get the ball down the middle of the field. They weren’t doing those kinds of things early this season.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but

Kevin Jones is looking like the healthy back from last season. Except this time the Lions running game is even better. This guy is a legit top 10 back for the remainder of the season.

Who won the World Series? The Red Sox? White Sox? It was some Sox I think. Who cares, it’s baseball.

The most lethal passing combination in the NFL today besides

Randy Moss and

Tom Brady is

Derek Anderson and

Braylon Edwards. Not many people would have predicted that before the season started. In fact nobody did. Edwards is proving why he was drafted 3rd overall. He might be the 2nd best WR in the NFL at catching jump balls(Moss edges him again).

This was the first game this year where I though

Donovan McNabb moved around like a an actual good athlete. Not like a guy who was favoring his knee to the extreme. It just blows my mind sometimes think about knee injuries.

Daunte Culpepper was a joke in the 2006 season with the same type of injury. Then I look at a guy like

Amani Toomer, who also tore his ACL in the middle of last season, and look at him, he is playing very solid this season, and showing no ill-effects of his surgery. Weird.

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