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JL’s Week Eleven Observations



If you happen to be coaching at a little league or high school football camp anytime soon, and you are trying to teach a running back how to pick up a blitzing linebacker, you just caught a break this past weekend. Now you have the perfect film to pop in to do all the talking.

Maurice Jones-Drew‘s block on

Shawne Merriman was not only really sweet, it was a thing of beauty from a technical standpoint. Just like tackling, blocking is about attacking and that is what MJD did as he used his leverage perfectly in his explosion on Merriman. Plus MJD was probably taking out some anger from getting absolutely lit up by

Carlos Polk of the Chargers on a kickoff return.

No doubt, in any format of fantasy football,

Tom Brady deserves to be taken number 1 overall in all 2008 drafts. Completely throw out the thought that it is not smart to take a QB that high out the window. If fantasy managers this season did not learn why it is not smart to take strictly running backs in first round, they never will. Tom Brady is the biggest lock in the NFL. The same can not be said for running backs such as

Steven Jackson,

Larry Johnson,

Willie Parker,

Shaun Alexander,

Laurence Maroney,

Travis Henry,

Frank Gore; all guys who were taken in the first round in most fantasy drafts around the nation. So next year, if you happen to draw number 1 in your draft, or acquire it somehow, please draft Tom Brady, don’t trade it away or have second thoughts. He is having the best fantasy season of all time in terms of quarterback play, and if the Patriots win the Super Bowl he will be considered the best quarterback of all-time, and deservedly so.

A matchup of two of the worst units took place this past Sunday in Oakland, Minnesota game. The Raiders rush defense is a joke and can get gashed by just about every average joe running back. Granted the Vikings line is great but that was not even a contest. On the flip side, when you let

Daunte Culpepper throw for 300 plus yards vs you, you have major problems in the secondary. The Vikings have just that, they give up way too many big plays, and their pass rush, which on paper looks to have the players to be a solid team in pressuring the quarterback, is just is not living up to its billing.

You can not tell me that

Terrell Owens big game had nothing to do with

Randy Moss duplicating his performance. They both caught four touchdowns, both played defense and knocked down a pass, and both locked up hall of fame inductions this past Sunday.

Anyone see

Josh Brown, the Seahawks kicker tackler

Devin Hester on kickoff team? He would never admit it, but that one tackle meant more to Josh Brown’s career than any big game winning kick did. You know deep down he is walking around this week in the locker room like he is a real tackling machine or something.

I am not exactly sure why people are making such a controversy out of the end of regulation field goal in the Browns/Ravens game. If the referees were actually paying attention they would have called it good from the beginning. I actually give the refs a little more respect for overturning the call without replay, they actually did a good job for once. If you are a Ravens fan, you have no right to be upset, everyone knows just as well as I do, that is a good kick.

Phil Dawson made the ball pass through the uprights, can’t ask for anything more.

Lastly, I could not live with myself if I didn’t mention something about what is about to take place this next Saturday night. It is not an NFL game but a college game. Missouri vs Kansas. Not many people around the nation know exactly how much these two schools hate each other. This is not a battle of two teams that respect each other at all, they hate each other to the full extent, as do their fans. I fall under the category of casually liking Missouri, and absolutely despising the Kansas Chickenhawks. I will say this though,

Chase Daniel is a system quarterback, and

Todd Reesing is not. I expect that to be proven this weekend if Reesing is totally healthy. I also expect KU’s running game to control the game throughout. As far as Kansas’ weak schedule goes, I don’t blame them for doing what they did. Winning breeds winning, and if you are a program with a history of losing, why schedule teams you know you can’t beat. Kansas players believe they will win every game now, and when you have that, you usually do win almost every game, that is a lesson to be learned in all levels of football.

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