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JL’s Week Fifteen Observations

Fred Taylor

A few years back, before the

Priest Holmes era started in the NFL, my man-crush was actually on one Fred Taylor, or as I like to call him, Freddy T. For some of you extremely young readers, Fred Taylor was Adrian Peterson before Adrian Peterson. He was the rookie who came into the league with amazing size and speed. I can clearly see Freddy T has lost a step or two, but even losing those steps he is still a top 7 NFL running back. He has proved in over the past month, and his performance this past Sunday against Pittsburgh was nothing short of heroic. I am not sure his statistics over the course of the season warrant him a position in the Pro Bowl, but he has definitely proved to every football fan he can still be considered a elite workhorse running back. He has completely shaken the ridiculous “Fragile Fred” tag, and is now making his push to bigger and better things. He has surpassed the 10,000 yard career rushing mark and probably won’t even be considered for the Hall of Fame, but if he can put together a couple more years, running at the level he is now, then it might be more difficult for voters to not consider the most underrated running back in NFL history.

Fantasy Football Playoff System

Plain and simple, year after year, I realize how much the head to head playoff system is just pure luck. There has to be a better way to decide the champion of a league that lasts 16 weeks. And in my league, in which you receive your draft slot in January, and are able to trade picks up until draft day, the league basically lasts year round. Year after year though we crown a champion who simply gets the luckiest in the last two or three weeks. I started coming up with ideas to take some of the luck out of the fantasy playoffs. One way would be to shorten the regular season by a week and then have first round as normal, but extend the Final Four into a two or three week total points race. That would at least allow a team that had one bad week in week 15(As just about all Tom Brady owners did this week), to have a legit chance to still win it all. I am sure I am not the only one who has noticed this major flaw in fantasy football. It is almost so major it is hard to even take the regular season serious at all. I have never missed the playoffs in any league because I don’t make any managerial mistakes but then I feel like I am just throwing my name in a hat and hoping it gets picked out when the playoffs roll around. It is absolutely ridiculous and I would love to hear some more ideas from people on the message boards under Article Discussions. Let me know what kinds of different systems are used out there so I can get a feel for some more fair ways to crown a champion.

Quick Hits

For some reason the most entertaining game to watch for me this past weekend was the Brown, Bills blizzard game. I just felt like there were no referees, no yard markers and the boys were just playing in the backyard. The only difference being a NFL playoff spot was on the line this time in the ole’ backyard.

Tony Romo needs to say single. Yes, I just said that. He needs to take his mind off annoying blonde headed women and starting thinking about making someone else close to him happy. That would be

Terrell Owens I am speaking of, yea you remember him? TO, the most physically explosive wide out in the NFL. Tony needs to remember just a couple years ago he was an undrafted backup quarterback who nobody knew about. Get a grip Mr. Romo.

Reggie Wayne‘s catch on the sidelines during a crucial drive vs the Raiders was probably the best catch I have seen all season. Perfectly timed leap, great body control, amazing concentration and of course soft hands. Combine them all into one, in one play, and you have that catch.

Greg Jennings might be the most consistent WR in fantasy football this year. He has caught touchdowns in 10 of his 12 games played. Scored in 5 straight games and has 8 touchdowns in his last 7 games. He has done all of this with only 1 game in which he has been targeted 10 times or more, and in that game he caught 3 balls for 20 yards. He is definitely making the most of the targets he gets, and if Brett Favre returns for another season, this guy could be a top 5 keeper WR going into 2008.

On the other hand, quietly,

Carson Palmer has been a monster bust this year. Only having thrown 22 scores, 6 coming in one game, and 17 interceptions. He has 3 scoreless game in his last 6 played. He only really had 4 no TD games all of 2006 and 2005 combined. Hopefully you were not banking on his easy schedule to carry you through the fantasy playoffs.

Thanks for reading and good luck to all playing in their respective championship games this weekend.

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