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JL’s Week Five Observations

Big Play Ability

Lets start with the most lopsided victory of the weekend. The Chargers went to Denver and dominated the game in all facets of the game. I hear people asking if the Chargers are back. I never thought the Chargers would not win the AFC West, even after last week. Mainly though, the Denver Broncos are that poor of a team.

Javon Walker‘s injury has really hampered the Broncos offense. The ability to get the ball downfield in the vertical passing game is critical to a team’s success; let’s just look at a few teams that can’t get the ball downfield in their passing game right now. You will see the common threads for these teams are very disappointing starts to the season and very low yard per carry average in the running game.

Kansas City Chiefs-

Damon Huard‘s lack of arm strength, combined with Herm Edward’s conservative attitude, combined with the line’s inability to pass block doesn’t give the Chiefs offense a chance to make big plays.

New Orleans Saints-The difference between this year’s team and last years is the lack of big plays on offense.

Drew Brees and

Devery Henderson finally looked to get back on track this past week but Devery is the only weapon Drew has to create long pass opportunities and Henderson is a very inconsistent player.

New York Jets-

Chad Pennington‘s physical traits are hurting the Jets offense.

Kellen Clemens needs to be in the game, and I expect him to make his real debut very soon. Look for Coles to benefit greatly from the change.

Buffalo Bills-

J.P. Losman needs to come back in when he is healthy.

Trent Edwards is a dink and dunk QB still and if you can’t take advantage of

Lee Evans big play ability your team is not going to win many games.

Of course there are a few other teams that suffer from the same problem, but these teams inparticular are not only losing game because of it, but have fantasy players that are suffering both in the passing game and the running game.

Two Minute Drill

I wonder when the last time a teams starting quarterback turned the ball over 6 times and that team still won the game.

Tony Romo is not perfect, but he proved one thing to me, mistakes now will not affect his performance in the future in a negative way.

Speaking of things I have never seen,

Brett Favre did something Sunday night that I still can’t quite figure out. In a clock killing situation, he ran to the line of scrimmage, spiked the ball and then carried out a fake like he threw a quick screen down the line of scrimmage to his WR. What exactly is he setting up there? Is he better preparing the defense for a fake spike? I guess he is showing the D that he just might fake a spike and then throw a pass, thus making it easier for him to actually spike it? I would love for someone to explain that one to me.

If you have

Anquan Boldin,

Larry Fitzgerald or picked up

Kurt Warner, you might have just hit the fantasy football jackpot. All three of these players will start putting up the numbers they did in 2005. The only difference is now they have a better line and a better defense.

This has to be one of the worst years ever for fantasy running backs. Think about it, who can you trust at the position in fantasy football right now?

Ronnie Brown might be the only guy who not only has a full load, but is consistently the go to guy at the goal line and is completely healthy.

Ladainian Tomlinson obviously is still another back you can trust but his production is not what we are accustomed too. Every other top notch back is either hurt or is playing on such a poor offense their touchdown opportunities are limited. Even

Willie Parker is starting to see his redzone touches slip away. It is very hard to predict right now what RB’s will step up and be the top 5 backs come season’s end.

Although it might be a down year for running backs, this is a great year for Tight Ends. If you are in a league that play TEs as WRs (like my fantasy league does) there are many viable options that should be considered as one of your three WRs.

Antonio Gates,

Dallas Clark,

Jason Witten and

Ben Watson all have been very reliable thus far.

Kellen Winslow,

Jeremy Shockey,

Tony Gonzalez,

Heath Miller and

Chris Cooley can all be solid bye week and injury fill-ins. Don’t be afraid to put these guys in your lineup. They usually have a better chance of getting in the endzone than that below average WR you pick up off the waiver wire.

There are a couple Wide Receivers out there I would keep a close eye on.

Donte Stallworth is too good of player to not be involved more in the Patriot offense. This week might be a sign of things to come in the near future. Randy Moss has proved once again that he has to be atleast double covered, allowing players like Stallworth and Ben Watson to make big plays against single coverage. Another guy with enough talent to warrant a fantasy roster spot is

Andre Davis of the Texans.

Matt Schaub does not have a problem at all with throwing Davis the ball. And as long as Andre Johnson is out, Davis will perform consistently because Schaub is for real and the Texans don’t have that much success running the ball at all.

If injuries are decimating your fantasy team, just remember, you can always make trades, wheel and deal, scour the free agent list, make changes and try and get lucky. It can happen and it will happen quite often if you really know how to manage your team.

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