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JL’s Week Four Observations

Two Minute Drill

There are so many different things I want to hit on this week I am going to just deem this whole article the Two Minute Drill.

Let’s start with someone who had one of the worst performances I have seen in a long while.

David Carr was not only number one pick draft bust, he has turned into a little scared boy out there. Every time he even feels a tiny bit of pressure, he bails out of the pocket and usually throws either an inaccurate pass or one that he purposely throws away. I will give him credit for knowing how to do a front-flip using perfect form though, that is about the only positive I can say about him.

The Kansas City Chiefs are not the worst team in the league. In fact, with their favorable schedule, don’t just disregard them in the AFC West. Their defense is for real, coming up with a lot of big plays since the return of future All-Pro

Jared Allen. The offense is starting to look like a real unit as well.

Dwayne Bowe has literally lifted the confidence of the entire Chiefs team. He has made plays when it was said there were not playmakers on the entire team. The city of Kansas City looks at the Chiefs in a new light now, I would know that because I live here and next week when Jacksonville comes to town, Arrowhead stadium will be rocking. I will be attending.

One team that does not fit the mold of a 3-1 squad is the Detroit Lions. They have allowed

Jon Kitna to be sacked 15 times in the past two weeks, are among the top 5 in both penalties and turnovers. I thought that kind of football only worked in Madden video games. I still don’t think their defense will play good enough in big games against legit contenders. When the Packers and Lions meet, it will be an aerial display and the Lions secondary will be exposed by the immortal

Brett Favre.

The Giants defense the first two weeks looked like the fantasy owners dream; that is to have your players playing against. Now it looks like they can be a defense that is very disruptive. Just another example of how quickly things can change. One thing that is not changing though is that the Bengals D is not going to stop anybody.

Randy Moss is on pace for 124 catches, 2020 yards and 28 touchdowns. Unbelievable.

The quarterback situation in Arizona is a huge joke. They basically put in

Kurt Warner when they need to score points. He is so much better than

Matt Leinart at this stage, it amazes me how their coaching staff can allow this to continue. Arizona could make the playoffs very easily if they let Kurt take the job, he has a rating higher than 130 in his 41 pass attempts thus far in the season. Their O-Line is good enough to protect Kurt now, and everyone knows if you give Kurt time, watch out.

The Chicago Bears’ problems extend way past

Rex Grossman. When you combine an injury riddled defense with a O-Line that cannot run block what so ever, you are going to have trouble as a team. They average just over 3 yards per carry on the year; in the NFL the biggest reason to run these days is just to set up the pass and if you can’t block up front it makes it a whole lot easier to come up with cover schemes if your are a defensive coordinator.

Two names in the football world who are considered offensive guru’s, Charlie Weis and Norv Turner both have really called some of the worst games of the year thus far. LT had three second half carries vs Kansas City, and I don’t even have time to talk about how much I think Charlie Weis should be canned in South Bend.

A lot of fantasy Wide Receivers coming out of the woodwork again this year. It happens every year but some people just never learn.
Dwayne Bowe,

Bobby Engram,

Andre Davis,

Patrick Crayton,

James Jones,

Dallas Clark, and 

Jerry Porter all have value in the near future due to various reasons and should probably be on someone’s roster in most standard leagues. In fact Dallas Clark is the most targeted WR or TE in Indy and is the 7th best fantasy WR overall through four games.

Lastly, if you had to make a genetic mix, and you took some of Brett Favre’s skills in his prime; then combined it with all the talent

Jeff Garcia possessed in his playing career, you would come out with

Tony Romo.

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