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JL’s Week Fourteen Observations

Shameless Self-Promotion

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. I know

Lee Evans has had a down year. I know

Greg Jennings was hurt early and often in the 2007 season. I know people doubted

Marion Barber III due to his role in the offense. I even know people were floating in the clouds if they drafted

TJ Houshmanzadeh, and played him every week through week 9. Most of all though, I can only wish everyone who reads my column on a weekly basis took what I said to the bank.

Lee Evans caught his trademark bomb and delivered in what is considered the most important week of the fantasy calendar. I started him in all three of my leagues. Greg Jennings has shown his great big play ability week after week this season and once again his chemistry with The Gunslinger

Brett Favre was on display this past Sunday. Marion Barber might just improve on his numbers from 2006 after all, something I predicted would happen before the 2007 even began. All of these players came through in crunch time and I can only hope you have them on your team, rather then have played against them. On the other end of the spectrum, “Mr. TD,” TJ Houshmanzadeh let down thousands of fantasy managers out there. You should not be disappointed though because I warned all of the giddy Housh owners his TD run would not last. Sorry boys.

Quick Hits

Being a die hard Kansas City Chiefs fan, my season is over as a true fan. It is now that time of the year where I start thinking about the NFL Draft. As I was thinking about all the possible scenarios, I thought of one of the craziest ones ever, and it does not even involve the Chiefs. If you quickly go through the worst 5 or 6 teams in the NFL, you will notice that not many need a running back. Miami has

Ronnie Brown, and even though he is coming off a torn ACL, they have many more areas of improvement they need to address. Atlanta needs a QB, plain and simple. The Jets just signed

Thomas Jones and their defense is what caused their enormous regression in 2007. Even Oakland can’t afford to draft a back because if

Jamarcus Russell is ever destined to be a star, he will need a few people who can pass protect in front of him. That leaves the 49ers the only other team drafting towards the top of the draft…oh wait, the New England Patriots have their pick. See where this is going now? I don’t care what people may say, but New England would take the best available player in this situation; and that player would be

Darren McFadden. Can you even imagine the possibilities? Run DMC with

Terrific Tom and the Super Freak

Randy Moss. They might just go unbeaten for a couple years if that happened, just blows your mind doesn’t it?

Drew Brees‘ accuracy and timing can once again be considered elite. I don’t know if demons took over his body the first few weeks of the 2007 NFL season or what. It probably had more to do with Sean Payton refusing to throw the ball downfield.

David Patten of all people has actually stretched the field at his ripe old age. He caught a buck-22 and a touch Monday night, including a absolutely perfect fade route that almost made my mouth water it was so pretty. In the broadcast booth, Jaws said it was an extended handoff. That might be just a little bit far fetched but when you throw the ball with that kind of precision the completion percentage is probably the same.

The Oakland Raiders rushing defense is every fantasy managers dream to play against. Every week no matter what RB is up against the Silver and Black, the Raiders rush D ends up black and blue.

Jay Cutler,

Matt Hasselbeck,

Peyton Manning and

Tom Brady. What do they all have in common? They all threw 4 TD passed this past weekend. Pretty rare if you ask me. Watch out for the first guy on that list, Mr. Cutler. The Denver passing game could be deadly in years to come with

Brandon Marshall and

Javon Walker on opposite sides. Both WR’s are big and physical, catch the ball with their hands and love to make plays after the catch. Throw in a solid veteran slot receiver in

Brandon Stokley and you got a recipe for a superstar quarterback.

Who does Notre Dame think they are producing three starting NFL caliber Running Backs in the last 5 years?

Julius Jones,

Ryan Grant and now

Darius Walker. Not quite

Clinton Portis,

Willis McGahee and

Frank Gore of the U, but still impressive none to less.

If it’s advice that you want for your fantasy championship run, here it is. Most of you probably have your lineups already locked in but if you don’t remember three things:

1. Big time players show up in big time games.

2. Good defenses end fluky hot streaks.


Thanks for reading and good luck to all who are fortunate enough to still be playing in your respective leagues.

P.S. College basketball is not quite as cool as the NFL, just in case there is someone out there reading this that believes that.


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