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JL’s Week Nine Observations


Adrian Peterson will have many huge rushing days. He not only explodes for 10-15 chunks of yardage, he is probably the most dangerous home run hitter in the league. His energy when running the ball actually gives the whole team a lift, as shown by the upset victory over the Chargers.

The New Orleans Saints are back, sort of. Their offense is back to a top three offense in the NFL.

Drew Brees is once again getting the ball downfield, and I hate to repeat myself but,

Deuce McAllister‘s injury really helped out the offense, as I predicted correctly the night after he went down. The only problem is their defense will continue to be absolutely pitiful. They gave up a huge day to one

Quinn Gray. I believe they will make the playoffs, but the division crown will be tough to grab because they can’t always outscore every team. Both their offense and defensive performances this past week will continue to be trends.

Lee Evans dominating, had to mention it. With

JP Losman at the helm he is a top 10 WR, maybe even better. He made at least four spectacular catches this past Sunday.

The Denver Broncos are a really bad football team. That is a big trend I see repeating itself, especially this upcoming Sunday as the Kansas City Chiefs look to bury them at Arrowhead with

Priest Holmes returning to where he belongs, the starting lineup.

Greg Jennings making big plays, this is a trend that should have been seen last season when he was in the lineup.

Brett Favre clearly has favored Jennings as his go to WR over

Donald Drive

r the past two years when both players are healthy. Jennings and Favre have incredible chemistry on deep passes.

Smoking Mirrors

TJ Houshmanzadeh catching a Touchdown in every game this season so far. Granted he is a top 3 fantasy WR and probably will continue to be a top notch performer, but with

Chris Henry now returning, Palmer will look more towards other options in the redzone. Plus it really is impossible to catch a TD in all 16 games. I would not be surprised if he only scored in half of the remaining games.

Jon Kitna not putting up top 10 fantasy numbers. Kitna has been putting up very pedestrian numbers the last four games. I cannot see this continuing. The defense of the Lions has really improved a lot this season, and if anything they have proved they can create multiple turnovers in the same game. This should lead to more opportunities for Kitna and the passing offense to explode for big numbers.

Kevin Jones brings balance and might not allow Kitna to throw for 4 bones again this year; but a couple more 3 TD performances are certainly possible.

Braylon Edwards not having a huge receiving day in week 9 was definitely a smoking mirror. He dropped two big gainers, one that was a for sure TD. He jumped in the air, perfectly shielding the defender from the ball, but let the ball get too far into his chest and thus dropped the pass in the front of the endzone.

Derek Anderson has radar lock on that man and he gets so many redzone targets is it almost comical. Edwards might be the best fantasy WR going forward, especially with games against Miami, New York(Jets) and Buffalo in weeks 14, 15 and 16. I expect at least six more games this season of either 120 yards or a touchdown. This guy is a true stud and probably the number one fantasy WR prospect in any dynasty league out there.

Quick Hits

Not many people would have guessed before the season that the two highest single player rushing totals this season would have been surrendered by the Chargers and the Bears.

Donovan McNabb is probably getting close to the end of the road when it comes to being a successful quarterback. He did not look as bad as

Steve McNair did monday night, but he is getting there. Good thing they got Kevin Kolb, I expect Kolb to be one of the more successful QB’s 5 years from now when we look back at the 2007 draft.

Randy Moss had 7 targets on the drive when the Patriots were down 20-10, any question who

Tom Brady believes is the best WR on the planet?

Shaun Rogers, defensive tackle for the Lions can throw one heck of a stiff-arm. I wonder were he learned that, and I wonder if that play will be reflected on the Madden 09 video game by boosting Rogers stiff-arm rating.

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