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JL’s Week One Observations

Week One was a very exciting week, there were some really great performances and some that made me wonder. Almost anyone can look at the stat line and make a judgment on how a player played. I, on the other hand, watched as many plays as I could this past Sunday, so if I was you I would take what I say and apply it to your fantasy leagues, office pools or whatever.

Larry Johnson

I really hope some of the readers out there read an article I wrote about two months ago that entailed why

Larry Johnson would fail to live up to expectations. Fail is probably an understatement as well. The Chiefs offense is so inept that it pains me to actually say that I don’t think the Chiefs offense as a whole will reach the redzone enough to make LJ a threat to even sniff his 17 scores of a year ago. This especially applies if you drafted him and lost in your fantasy league this week. LJ just played the worst defense they will play until they play the Titans week 15, and if you drafted him and hang on to him that long, week 15 won’t even matter to you because you will be out of it by then. LJ goes to Chicago in week two, then plays the 2006 number 1 rushing defense in the Vikings, then he travels to San Diego. The Chiefs put up 3 points vs the Texans, he might only score 1 or 2 TDs in that whole 3 game stretch. Week 7 LJ plays at Oakland, followed by a bye, then plays the most improved D in the league in Green Bay and follows up with a matchup with the Denver Broncos. A very difficult first half of the season. Lastly, the main reason Larry Johnson will not approach his 2006 number is simply because the Chiefs cannot give him the ball 416 times when they are constantly behind in games, and if you are wondering if they are as bad of team as they looked this past weekend, the answer is yes.

Pre-season Injuries

Let me be the first to say I am the type of person who avoids any player that I feel has been bothered by an injury in the pre-season that can affect their performance on gameday. I will also be the first to say that theory is pretty ignorant. Three players I did not even consider in my drafts using this theory were

Randy Moss, Clinton Portis and

Plaxico Burress. None of these three players even took the field this pre-season and barely even practiced. All three players not only seemed fine, but were extremely impressive. Pre-season injuries are OVERRATED, write that down. Burress will need

Eli Manning to be healthy if he wants to keep up good production, but for having ankle surgery and back problems he not only decided to show up this game, he dominated. As far as Portis goes, he looked very quick and do not be surprised if the Washington Redskins are a team that competes week in and week out, leading to solid numbers for Clinton for as long as he holds up. What can I say about Randy Moss? I have seen him streaking past defenders for years now. It is almost a joke that people questioned if he could still run; he ran like he did in his Minnesota days. That level of play by Randy Moss leads me to belive he can once again reach that level of true dominance. Tom Brady has been one to spread the ball around and some might worry about that in the long run; well let me tell you one thing about Tom Brady, he deep down knows that he has never had anyone on offense with him in his career that even compares to the talent of Randy Moss. Moss will get targeted early and often in games, leading to a huge huge season. His hamstring was fine all along. His 51 yard TD was the only play all day Sunday where I stood up out of my seat in disbelief. I actually said the words “Oh my God” because I was a doubter and I had realized one thing on that single play, Randy Moss was BACK!!

Playoff Teams

I will go ahead and let everyone know who will make the playoffs in the NFL after just one week. In the AFC you will see the Patriots, Colts, Chargers and Steelers win the divisions, with the Bengals and Broncos taking the Wildcards. In the NFC the Bears, Saints, Cowboys and Seahawks will win the divisions, with the Eagles and Panthers taking the wildcards. That should save you 16 more weeks of suspense, you’re welcome.

Quick Hits-Extra Dosage

Edgerrin James looked more explosive in Monday Night’s Game then he did at any point last season. I had heard he had really worked on strengthening his legs this offseason, it showed in how he played.

I thought

Tye Hill, the Rams Cornerback was suppose to be one of the fastest players in the league, well he probably is, but

Steve Smith just has more desire and determination, that was why he caught that 68 yard bomb on him and then proceeded to take it the distance. Speed didn’t have much to do with it.

Lamont Jordan played like the 2005 version of himself, granted vs the Lions, but he ran really hard and caught the ball out of the backfield better than any back in the league this past Sunday.

Brandon Marshall and

Demetrius Williams are both young WR’s to keep your eyes on. They catch every ball they can with their hands and both are long athletic players who can create big plays.

Roy Williams for the Dallas Cowboys has to be in the bottom three coverage safeties in the NFL, it looked like his vertical jump was about 14 inches on that third touchdown grab by Plaxico Burress in the back of the endzone. Eli Manning threw the ball right over Roy’s head.

What is

Ellis Hobbs really thinking about when he takes a kickoff out of the endzone from 8 yards deep? He must of been thinking he was taking the kick to the house, great decision by him.

Bold Prediction

My bold prediction this week has to do a lot with what I have seen the last 20 games or so by the Dallas Cowboys. Not only will

Marion Barber III repeat what he did in 2006, but he will improve. Barber is a playmaker, plain and simple. When he is in the game, he makes things happen. Julius Jones is a talented runner, but something is missing. Marion Barber has it though, and when it was a short yardage situation from about the 20 yard line early in Sunday Night’s game, I said out loud that not only Marion Barber would get the first down but he could score, and that is exactly what he did with a diving flip into the endzone. He will be the Dallas Cowboys starting running back by season’s end.

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