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JL’s Week Sixteen Observations

Quick Hits

I guess

Fred Taylor will make the Pro Bowl finally after all. Willie Parker suffered a very unfortunate broken leg, and Taylor is the next alternate in line. Taylor is very deserving of the honor and has obviously been a major reason why the Jaguars are in the position they are today.

I very unusual playoff scenario is taking place this upcoming weekend involving the Browns and Titans. Both are battling for the sixth spot, sort of. The Browns game is completely meaningless in this scenario. If the Titans win, they will hold the tiebreaker over the Browns, if the Titans lose, the Browns will own the tiebreaker. I will be rooting for the Browns to get in, just to watch an entertaining offense. Although watching the NFL’s best defensive player in 2007,

Albert Haynesworth, would not be all that bad either.

Huge game between the Jets and Chiefs this next Sunday. As a Chiefs fan, we really need to lose this game to get a higher draft pick.

Assuming everything goes as planned, there could be a first round matchup in the playoffs where the Steelers would host the Jaguars. A rematch of a game just a couple weeks ago. This would probably be the most physical game of the playoffs, and if you still live in the days of pounding the rock to win ballgames, this game if for you. I would expect atleast 60 runs in this football game and ultimately end up being a battle of wills to see who will advance to play the Patriots.

In the NFC, I believe things are a little more wide open then people might believe. If I had to pick, Dallas would be my team, but not by a wide margin. Especially if they let Washington in the playoffs in Week 17. I thought Washington was the 3rd best team in the conference about 10 weeks ago, and I still believe that right now.

It took me a while to figure it out, but

Champ Bailey is no longer a shutdown corner. Even though a shutdown corner is a myth in itself, very few guys should even be mentioned in the same breath as the two words shutdown and corner.  The verdict is still out on who is the closest thing to it right now in the NFL, and maybe Bailey is dealing with some nagging injuries, I just know he is not playing at the level he was one year ago.

As far as

Jamarcus Russell goes, why would they start the guy only one game? They should of either started him multiple games or none at all. Oakland has been out of the playoff race for about 6 weeks now. Russell didn’t even look close to ready to play last week, so the excuse that he wasn’t ready doesn’t work but that is still not the case. Russell had three NFL prospects at WR when he was at LSU and had superior talent around him. I thought he was deserving to go number one in the draft but at the same time wondered if he had all the tools necessary to warrant such a high draft pick. I guess it is fitting that the Raiders would be the ones to take such a big risk with their highest picks in years.

Speaking of the draft, who will the Dolphins take number one? That is a big question since they need a ton of different positions. If they are looking for a can’t miss player who can make a huge immediate impact, which I believe Bill Parcells will be looking for, then look no further then one

Glenn Dorsey.

Merry X-Mas to all and Happy New Year.

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