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JL’s Week Ten Observations

Quick Hits

Laron Landry, rookie safety from LSU, is going to be a great player in the NFL. But after that last

Brian Westbrook screen pass touchdown, it proved that either Landry does not have elite quickness or Brian Westbrook is just on another level. It is probably a combination of both, but either way Landry just got completely embarrassed on that play.

Priest Holmes made more tacklers miss in his 20 some odd touches this past Sunday than

Larry Johnson had combined in the previous 8 games. And that is no joke, I was there to see it live.

Adrian Peterson took a low clean hit from the side to his knee Sunday.  I know everybody is going to want to say he is so injury prone and what not, but there are not many backs in the league that don’t get dinged up in some way during the season. If you want to say he revisited his college days fine, but I expect him to return within a couple weeks. Although if the Vikings were smart, AP would not play another down this season. No need to risk him and wear him down with

Kelly Holcomb,

Tavarias Jackson or

Brooks Bollinger leading the charge at QB.

Just think about the Texas Longhorns backfield when they won the national championship a couple years ago. Besides having

Vince Young, they showcased both

Selvin Young of the Broncos and future high draft pick speedster

Jamaal Charles. Wow, that is some talent.

Marc Bulger has actually returned to fantasy relevance if you ask me. I know a lot of teams in fantasy football out there that are starting much worse options than Bulger right now. With Steven Jackson back and the Rams getting a W on the board, don’t be surprised to see a few more 300 yard passing days from ole’ Marc going forward.

Phillip Rivers has regressed like no QB I have seen in the past few years. Surprising since Norv Turner is suppose to be a quarterback guru. He does not do a very good job of looking off safeties and his tunnel vision on

Antonio Gates has netted Gates only 36 yards is his past two games. I am fine with throwing the ball to your best player consistently, but to stare him down is not an efficient move in the long run.

Donovan McNabb had 37 yards rushing this weekend. A huge sign for the Eagles and his fantasy owners going forward because he might just be getting back to his old form. I am not a believer just yet but another performance like this one and I might be.

I can understand completely that strategy of blitzing

Tony Romo if you are the New York Giants, but to leave

Sam Madison one on one in bump and run coverage vs

Terrell Owens is just silly. Sam Madison has lost a couple steps over the years and if you think he is half as physical as he used to be you have lost your mind. Bad matchup was exploited by the Cowboys in the second half of that game.

You know its

Brett Favre‘s year when he is throwing multiple touchdowns in the same game to the likes of

Ruvell Martin.

The Cleveland Browns are for real. They had Pittsburgh on the ropes.

Ben Roethlisberger played a phenomenal game, otherwise the Browns are in first place in the AFC North. I can’t believe it, but the Browns will be playing in the AFC Playoffs as a wildcard team. Even more unreal, is that they are dangerous, no doubt they can beat any team in the AFC besides the Colts and the Patriots.

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