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JL’s Week Thirteen Observations

The Great One

I think everyone is ready to say it is a given

Ladanian Tomlinson will be a first ballot hall of famer. If anyone was questioning that they were reminded this past weekend as he ran for 177 yards and 2 scores vs the Kansas City Chiefs. LT showed amazing acceleration once against on his two touchdown runs and proved he is not even the normal elite NFL running back.

Larry Johnson and

Steven Jackson were the only two backs who had the same type of workload LT did in 2006. Those guys who were considered workhorse durable backs could not hold up for the entire season even though they are much bigger than LT. Year in and year out the average NFL RB who takes on the workload LT does, stumble the following year due to the pounding they took the previous year. No back has been this consistent and durable since

Emmitt Smith, and I think everyone would agree from a pure talent standpoint, LT has showed enough to even pass Emmitt on the all-time backs list. This past weekend he passed arguably the greatest runner of all-time

Walter Payton in career rushing touchdowns. Walter had a 13 year career, LT has surpassed him in this his 7th season, and the season is not even done yet, wow.

Quick Hits

Kenoy Kennedy was completely and utterly embarrassed this past weekend by

Adrian Peterson. Not many NFL safeties can come up to make a tackle, break down and not even lay a finger on a given runner. Just wait until AP is not wearing a bulky knee brace.

I don’t know what was more surprising last thursday night, that

Brett Favre actually got injured or

Aaron Rodgers actually looked like he could play quarterback in the NFL. I was always under the impression that Brett Favre was made of steel and invincible and that Aaron Rodgers was a joke of a quarterback.

I hope people understand how

Albert Haynesworth changes the whole face of the Titans defense. He only made two tackles vs the Texans but they both showed the dominance he can possess during a game. Another thing it shows it what a motivated player with a lot of talent can do in a contract year.

I want to address all the people out there that believe

Randy Moss is the MVP of the NFL, instead of

Tom Brady. That has to be one of the most uneducated thoughts I have ever heard. Brady has won three Super Bowls people. Randy Moss has made the Patriots offense almost unstoppable and has made Brady’s fantasy stats out of this world but if Brady were not on New England they would be lucky to be .500. If you took Moss of the Patriots I would still consider them favorites to win the Super Bowl.

Note to

Devin Hester: you definitely cant teach the kind of speed you possess. We definitely can’t teach you how to catch either. Might have cost his team the game this weekend by dropping a wide open bomb thrown perfectly by Rex Grossman. That would have blown the the game wide open.

One more thing, the college football BCS system is the biggest joke in all of sports. I could write a whole book on why and how the current system should be changed. I will give everyone just a snapshot of how bad the BCS is. The Missouri Tigers are currently ranked 6th in the BCS. Kansas is ranked 7th and Illinois is ranked 13th. Kansas did not beat any teams that are currently ranked right now. Illinois has three losses, two of which were to teams that are currently unranked. Missouri only has two losses, both of which were to Oklahoma, one of which was at Oklahoma, the other on a neutral field(The BCS computers have Missouri ranked in front of Oklahoma by the way). Missouri beat Illinois at Illinois and Kansas on a neutral field. Kansas and Illinois both made BCS bowls, Missouri did not. What a joke.

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