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JL’s Week Three Observations


Injuries are apart of football. Injuries effect each and every football team across the nation, including every fantasy team in some manner. They are completely unpredictable and sometimes very costly to a fantasy team. If you drafted

Steven Jackson at the number 2 overall pick this season, you might be wondering why everything has gone down the tubes so quickly. Well it’s mainly injuries; and just went he looked to be getting on track, his past injury history and high workload from 2006 caught up with him. He has lost starting linemen to injury and

Marc Bulger has two broken ribs. Steven Jackson is a bust, will be a bust and probably won’t even crack the top 10 fantasy Running backs now, as hard as that is to believe.

Deuce McAllister is out for the season and many people are thinking the Saints Offense is in big trouble now. I on the other hand think this will actually make them get back on track. Sean Payton had too many players to try and get involved in the offensive gameplan. Now it is time to get

Reggie Bush in a rhythm, teach him how to be a every down NFL Running Back. During this process expect him to become fantasy gold and the Saints to get rid of a few wasting three yards and a cloud of dust running plays that Deuce was so famous for.

Panic or Patience??

One big question you might be asking yourself if whether some of the players you drafted are already considered “busts.” Some very well might be, but remember it is only WEEK THREE!!! You can learn a lot from three weeks, but some things can be very deceiving.

Players to stay patient with:

Reggie Bush– New role in offense will make him live up to draft position. Trust me.

Laurence Maroney– As I mentioned in last week’s article, the schedule is just getting easier.

Marvin Harrison– For some of you inexperienced owners out there, never sell Marvin Harrison, its just a matter of time until he gets his numbers.

Lee Evans– For as bad as he has played, there has been a play each game that would have changed his number dramatically if a couple breaks went his way. The Bills have played three very good pass defenses and Lee is the only threat they have.

The San Diego Chargers-The whole cast of players for the Chargers will be fine, including Phillip Rivers, who I still expect to be a solid top 10 performer by years end.

Bernard Berrian-Has yet to reach the endzone but plays Detroit yet, and as we saw Sunday, that Defense really knows how to help a slumping offense.

Start to Panic if you have these players:

Marc Bulger– No protection leads to forced throws, pressure in his face and injury, already has two broken ribs.

Maurice Jones-Drew– The Jaguars ground attack is just not what it was in 2006, and MJD does not look like the playmaker he was in the past.

Reggie Brown– Not only did Curtis outperform him by a wide margin, but took his job as the number one WR in Philly’s offense.

Larry Johnson– Things are gonna get worse the next three weeks. His O line is really poor,and add in the fact that he is not hungry. This really does not bode well for the consensus top 3 fantasy pick in most leagues.

Larry Fitzgerald– Make no mistake about it,

Anquan Boldin in the number 1 WR in Arizona. If Matt Leinart continues to start, Larry just will not get the opportunities he needs to showcase his All-World talent.

Cedric Benson– Even though I believe to stay patient on fellow teammate Berrian, Benson does not create big plays and if the offense cannot get going, his redzone carries will be limited. Hopefully he stays healthy enough to be an every week starter, but even that is best case scenario.

Quick Hits

The Packers are 3-0 and their fans should be extremely happy with their start. But sooner or later the lack of any running game will cost them some close games. It might not be now, but it may be in the playoffs.

Although I expect the Chargers to still win the AFC West, how did they fire Marty Schottenheimer for Norv Turner?? People said Marty couldn’t win in the playoffs, well after this year those same people might have to say Norv can’t even make the playoffs.

Arizona has to be the only team where I believe if their starting quarterback gets injured the team improves as a whole. I have always been a

Kurt Warner fan, and watching him Sunday proved again why he was so successful in this league.

Chris Chambers has once again become a consistent performer. He is actually playing at the level he was in 2005. He owes a lot to

Trent Green.

It is probably inevitable that a second team out of the AFC South will make the playoffs. The Titans or Jaguars will probably be the team who earns that honor. As of now, I go with the Tennessee Titans.

Jon Kitna was sacked 9 times on Sunday, at this rate I just can’t see him lasting the whole season. This would really hurt

Roy Williams‘ value as well if I am right on this, as of now though, both are legit fantasy studs.

Nate Burleson was targeted 12 times on Sunday by Matt Hasselbeck. The most for any Seattle receiver. He has always been a player who can make plays on his own with run after catch yards. His fantasy value is slowly moving up as he has caught TD’s in two straight weeks.

The durable

Rudi Johnson finally sustained an injury Sunday, pulling his hamstring. If you have him on your team, make sure you have

Kenny Watson; Watson is not only much more versatile than Rudi but he ran with a purpose Sunday, rarely going down on first contact.

Bold Prediction

One of the most interesting outcomes of this season will be who will finish as the number 1 fantasy quarterback. Four quarterbacks have already separated themselves from the pack.

Tom Brady,

Peyton Manning,

Carson Palmer and

Tony Romo. Romo is the number 1 fantasy QB now in most leagues, followed by many people’s favorite Tom Brady; and of course how can you count out Peyton Manning? Any of those three can easily finish number one, but I am going with Carson Palmer. The Bengals D is so poor Carson will have no choice but to throw it all over the yard. If Rudi is banged up, Carson will just throw more and more. Look for at least 4,000 passing yards and close to 40 passing touchdowns from Carson.

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