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JL’s Week Twelve Observations

New England Patriots

Watching the Eagles pull out all the stops vs the Patriots Sunday Night made me realize a couple things about the NFL this season. First off, every team will be very aggressive and pull out all the stops against them. I still believe they will go unbeaten, but I also am I firm believer that trick plays, gadget plays, surprise onside kicks, etc.; can change a game in a way that normal plays might not. Everyone seems to think that it is a foregone conclusion they will win the Super Bowl, well that might be right, but it won’t be easy and the Pats will have to catch breaks, just like every Super Bowl champ has in the 40 plus years of it’s existence.

As far as the blueprint for beating the Patriots goes, it is actually pretty simple. First thing most people usually say you have to do to knock the Pats off is pressure

Tom Brady. That is essential no doubt, but I would have to put that number two behind shutting down

Randy Moss. No matter how much attention you give to Randy Moss, it is worth it. Taking away his big plays is the most important aspect of the game when facing the Patriots. Third and fourth on the list would have to be, don’t turn the football over and create big plays in the passing game. Big plays in the passing game are essential if you are going to score enough points to win. Even if you run the ball effectively, if you are not scoring touchdowns, you cannot beat the Patriots. Field goals won’t do any good, especially early in the game, so you must take shots down the field. You now know the blueprint on how to beat the unbeatable, lets just hope your team does all the things I just mentioned when they square off against the king of the NFL.

Rest of the NFL

One of my personal favorite’s in the NFL showed flashes of why he still commands carries on his football team.

Fred Taylor showed his elusiveness in the backfield and incredible acceleration once again on Sunday, blowing past the Buffalo secondary. People are speaking of his demise a little bit too soon.

As a Chiefs fan, it is very hard seeing the Chiefs lose at Arrowhead stadium three games in a row. The only positive to that is that homefield advantage in the NFL these days is not meaning a whole lot. This week was a great example as the Chiefs, Cardinals and Giants were all home favored teams that went down. All three are right in the thick of the playoff race and all three lost to teams with below average records. It could be worse though, you could be a Carolina Panthers fan, they haven’t won at home this year.

A lot of spectacular catches this past weekend.

Jerry Porter,

Larry Fitzgerald,

Bernard Berrian, and

Tony Scheffler all made catches that had to make you say wow.

I mean seriously, who picked all of these terrible Monday Night games before the season started? MNF has to be kicking themselves right now. I can’t decide if ESPN should have been glad that the game was even close last night, or were upset because the field was in such terrible condition the game was a joke. Just look at what NBC does with their flex, when in doubt, televise Tom Brady. Third straight primetime game for the Pats next Monday night vs the Ravens.

It’s one week from playoff week in fantasy football, well that is if you league is actually worthwhile and have your championship in Week 16. Any fantasy league out there that has their championship in Week 17 I consider a worthless league. If you have locked up playoff births in all your leagues, as I have, congratulations. If you are fighting for your life, good luck this weekend trying to make magic happen.

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