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Joao’s Take on the “Worst Pick Ever”

A guy goes on vacation and comes back to find he’s finally got his 15 minutes of fame and I thought I was going to have to join some reality show on Fox!

Is the Shipp pick the worst pick ever? Maybe. I’m by far no expert. I don’t even have any of those fancy titles that some of the other contributors have on this site. But isn’t this why we are all so addicted to fantasy/rotisserie leagues?

The most fun I’ve ever had at drafts was way back in the day when none of us in the league knew any of the players we were picking. There was no such thing as taking 14 or 15 running backs in a row or waiting until a late round to pick up a quarterback. There was no strategy except to make sure to give the person with the next pick a hard time and laugh when he (or she) mentions a name. There was no Prognosticator in those days. No school of thought to follow.

Drafts, as of late, have become so predictable. You can bet that running backs are the first to go followed by the top quarterbacks and wide receivers. The benches are then scoured for yet (yawn) more running backs [if any of you read Doug Coutts article last year about his love for running backs then you know who I’m referring to]. The unimaginative will seek out the top position player like a tight end or a kicker. Why? They’re the easy picks.

The team that drafts a good running back is more likely to have a chance at winning the league, that much is a given. However, running backs alone won’t win you a championship [right Doug?]. It’s those other picks. The one that comes right after the high profile quarterback but before the hyped rookie tight end that will take you to Fantasy Football glory.

If you’re checking all the draft orders on all the expert websites and compiling an average order then most likely you won’t get the “in betweener” that will win you championships. You’ll only be following the herd and making the predictable picks.

Was Kurt Warner or Marshall Faulk a bad pick if you took them in the first two rounds last year knowing their final stats? What was their value? If you picked Moulds or Ward in the second round last year would that have been a bad pick too? How about Vick? The running back du jour this preseason seems to be William Green. What’s his value in a draft if everyone is talking about him?

The bottom line is that all picks that don’t win you a championship are bad picks.

The survivor draft is about getting as many points possible per week and you can’t manage your team once it’s selected. It’s not a regular league. It’s more about the player analysis than anything else. So why not buck the trend and a make a daring pick to get a particular player noticed? Why not show some independent thought?

Sharks don’t swim in schools.

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