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Johnnyballgame Interview

Hey Johnny, if that IS your real name… So a belated congrats on becoming a Whale Shark. It’s been great to have you around in the Shark Tank for your last 1000+ posts, and it looks like you’re still going strong.
Yes, that is my real name… Thanks CleffedUp, it took lots of sleepless nights to become a Whale. I started as just a lurker and then all of a sudden I started reading the notorious Matt thread. I think at the time it only had like 75 pages and I realized that anyone could post here and be accepted. Then the whole Showcase polling started and that boosted my staus big-time, and the off-season has treated me well here. It helps that the Hottie Drafts were happening and then the Baseball Tank took off, and next thing you know here I am a 2-star Great White!

Ah yes, the the hottie drafts, the race for the last Showcase spot — We’ll get to that in just a bit. Meanwhile lets start with the basics. We know you work for ESPN behind the cameras. What are ups and downs in that?
The ups are, by far, being able to watch almost every sporting event as it is happening. On Sundays I work on Sunday NFL Countdown and when it ends we watch all the early games and when they end I usually head home, unless my beloved Niners are on and I may stick around and watch them for a bit. Come Baseball season it’s real cool to work at The Worldwide Leader as I get to watch all 15 games, basically everyday. Working on BBTN is great, just wish I still worked on it everyday as SportsCenter gets old quick. In in terms of Fantasy, ESPN is a great place to work day in and day out as I get some insider insight, seeing all the Domanic Davis’ before the rest of the word notices, along with just about every other player.

The downs of ESPN are by far the working nights, weekends and holidays. Sports are 24/7, 365 a year. They don’t take holidays off so neither do we… but all in all I could think of worse places to work!!!

And what do you do when you’re off the ESPN set and not posting here?
I have a wife of 4 years and 2 sons, 1 going on 3, and the youngest is 18 months. I have a house here in Connecticut, doing lots of yard work and working on finishing my basement, been doing a lot of camping this summer… but the main thing is focus on Fantasy Football and Baseball whenever I can, and studying to work in insurance on the side.

A nice family, a house in Connecticut… I can think of a few Sharks and FS Crew in the Northeast, including myself… So when’s the season kickoff barbecue and what should we bring?
Once my yard and basement are finished I will let y’all know!!!!

Watch yourself — never underestimate the draw of free food… Alright, on to the good stuff. We’re both long-time fans of the 49ers and those Mets of baseball, and we’ve had some rough past few years for both. The Mets have a glimmer of hope this season, but the Niners I’m not so sure. So how about those Mets this year and how’d you find yourself a Niners fan living in the East?
The Mets are just teasing us. They need to go out and get a solid #4 starter and a guy in the bullpen to replace Mike “Hear I go Again” Stanton, as when he comes in we know the game is over and there will be no Happy Recap!!!! If they can get the help needed then we may have a very enjoyable Fall!!!!!

As for the 49ers, I am a fan because I always went against my Dad in terms of rooting for teams. Once when I was 6 years old I had on a red football jersey with a white #16 on it while he was watching his Giants play the 49ers. I asked my dad who the team was wearing the same jersey as me, and he said the 49ers. So from that day forward my parents stopped buying me Steelers everything, who I used to watch, and started buying me 49ers everything. Thanks Mom and Dad and the 70’s, and forget my younger brother the Cowboys fan, but when I was able to figure out for myself who to cheer for it was 49ers for life and ta-da a year later they beat the Bengals in SB XVI, and who knew how great they would become! As for now I thank god every Sunday for Fantasy Football, because the Niners are gonna be tough to watch!

Yeah, long gone are the good old days, especially with the big off-season firesale of Garcia, Owens, Streets, and Hearst. What’s the up and down on any of these players fantasy-wise? What are your thoughts on these moves for the team?
Garcia and Hearst leaving was no big deal to me, losing Owens is something that I guess had to be done, loved him though. He was flamboyant, but I have a solution if you do not like TD celebrations: Stop him on the field. He may have gotten a bad rap off the field, as he was a good citizen but just mouthy to teammates… damn I can’t cheer for him now as I hate the Eagles! They should have gotten more for him but oh well. Streets will be the biggest loss as there really is no one ready to be the #1 WR this year. Woods will be good but not so sure he will be ready for this season. #1 pick in the draft here we come.

Fantasy wise, Garcia I wouldn’t touch. New team, bad back. Maybe the 11th or 12th QB taken. Hearst, who knows with Denver RBBC, but can still can play so take him if you wish, but get Bell and Griffin as well. TO… STUD. Still, I have him around #4 WR! Streets, solid #2 WR on any fantasy team, Harrington tossing to him and Charles and Roy… could be a fun team to watch… the LIONS?

Bad kitty! Back to the declawed Niners… We wind up with a gimpy Rattay, an aging Conway to go with young’uns Wilson, Woods, and Lloyd, while Barlow moves up the depth chart. What kind of season are we looking at? Fantasy value anywhere in there?
4-12 if we’re lucky… Barlow has no line to block for him, but will get his yards and scores somehow, Rattay not worth it, Lloyd may be a good #3 or reserve, Woods in the future will be a star!

What’s it gonna take to get these guys back to the days of old? Is it even possible for any dynasty to emerge in today’s NFL?
Dynasties are a dead breed. Parity is the future of the NFL, unfortunately! For the Niners to get back to the days of old, get York out of there, he wants to run the Niners like a business! They are an ELITE NFL/Sports FRANCHISE… Bring back Eddie D! Bring back Walsh, Montana, RICE! Granted I mean in their prime!

Ahh, Rice, Young… wins… Don’t mind my quiet sobbing… How about just this season? How does the Superbowl play out this year?
Wow, I haven’t thought about this yet as camps haven’t even opened yet, but I would love to see the Colts get to the big game. See what Manning and Marvin and Edge can do in the spotlight vs — OUCH this pains me to say, but — the Eagles. Mcnabb and TO could be fun to watch. I would love to see the Bengals improve on what they did last year, as they really grabbed my interest. Would like to see LT2 lead the Chargers to greatness, but they are just as sorry as the Niners… even if LT2 is the greatest back of today!

Alright, so on to the championship that really matters — The Showcase and Shark Leagues. You’re starting your run to the top next season at the ground floor of the coveted Showcase Leagues in the Caribbean Whale Division. How do you like your chances? Who do you see as the biggest roadblocks along the way?
This will be my 6th year in FF, some good seasons, some wallops (won a points league with friends by 200+ points and wasn’t invited back the next year!), a SB loss, a bad season or two (thanks Fred Taylor!), a few titles… So of course I think I am going to win! Why else would I play!

Roadblocks, eh… I don’t know much about the rest of my leaguemates, but I gotta say Ed Leduke worries me a bit, as well as Bill Leonard… but the most dangerous is the Draft Coach! Biggest all around roadblock is that I’ll be in Florida on vacation during the draft! Ugh. But I’ve entrusted a fellow shark to handle my GM position in my absence… CBSUX do not screw this up! We’ve been working together to get on the same page, and I think we’ll be okay.

Well I’m right behind you in the Hammerhead Division of the Shark Leagues. Who do you see as most dangerous among the Sharks gunning for the Showcase?
Definitely worried about you CleffedUp, and then of the other guys who are swimming in tank regularly I would have to say trilogy and Zaphod Beeblebrox are guys I will be looking out for! With all that said, I really am not worried about you guys since I plan on being in the Great White league next season!

Okay, we’ve covered a lot today, so lets take it home with the Lightning Round! You have 45 seconds to answer as many questions as you can… You ready?
Uh.. Um.. Uh.. I think so!!!!!

Alright then… Go!!! Who will be *the* breakout player of the 04-05 season?
Kevin Jones or Rashaun Woods… Niner Bias

Who are the #s 3, 4, and 5 Fantasy RBs this year?
#3 Green, #4 Deuce, #5 Edge

Tampa Bay Coach Jon Gruden’s haircut — Yay or Nay?!
Yay!!!!!!! CHUCKIE!!!

Whale Shark trivia… What’s the significance of hard 10’s name?
Something about 10 Hard Drinks?? No Clue, but love the Avatar!!

Wrong! 5 and 5 in dice… What’s the name of your penguin avatar?!
Linux, I think, But I like to call him My Little Friend!!

Wrong! …and creepy! It was Tux… Last Shark: What makes Supersock so super?!
” ” “Ditto” “Yes” “I agree!!!!”

Correct! NFL… Who’s your favorite player today!?
Jerry Rice, but LT2 is my stud!!

Favorite NFL uniform!?
Chargers Powder Blue are nice, Bengals, but then again I am color blind!!!! But the best is definitely the 94 Niners red with Black shadowed Numbers!!!!

Worst end zone dance?!
Any after a score on the Niners… Also Mike Irvin’s stupid dances in the 90’s!!!!

Which is better, grass or turf?!
Grass… if you know what I mean!

Your most hated team!?
No Question… Cowboys!!!!!

Favorite couch position?!
Laying down!!!!

Favorite vegetable!?
Christopher Reeves!

Favorite hottie?!
Julie Bowen, Shannon Elizabeth, Alyssa Milano, and Brooke Burke!!

All acceptable! …Best Fantasy Football website!?
CBS Sportsli… C’mon is there any doubt.. Tony Holm’s Fantasy Sharks… By a Landslide!!!

You are correct! …and just barely beat the buzzer! Great work in the Lightning Round and on the boards. Any last words?
Just it has been a pleasure being a part of such a great community here in the Shark Tank, and would like to give a few shout-outs… First of all thanks to Chief Brody for turning me onto this site as he could have kept this place to himself and tore thru our league but he is a great guy and I appreciate the fact that he informed me about this place. 2nd I would like to say what a pleasure it is to chat with so many Fantasy Nuts like myself, such as to name a few… CBSux, O-Nut, Longhorns, SoonerGal, all the members of the Not Uber/Guber League, and of course my interviewer Cleffed, as we may be the same person, Mets and Niners… And to Matt sorry about all the campaigning for the Showcase League. And Lastly to all the Staff Members who put out such a Fantastic Product… Tony, Rob, Doug, Ed, and all the rest!!! If I forgot anyone I am sorry as I value everyone’s opinions and thoughts and look forward to a great 2004 Football Season. …And yes I plan on being here for a very long time, and look for me behind the Cameras on ESPN…da da dat! da da dat!!! Cleffed, thanks again this was alot of fun!!!

The pleasure was all mine, JBG. See ya in the Shark Tank!

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