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Just Thinking Out Loud XXI

Off the Subject….Just Thinking XXI…

Imagine that, Pete Rose, taking a page out of the Bill Clinton Book of Truth, DID in fact bet on baseball. Who knew? Why after fourteen years was he the only one that didn’t know this?

And speaking of which, I have a real problem with this whole situation. Just because he apologized it should be swept under the rug and he be allowed on the Hall of Fame ballot? I don’t think so. He bet on baseball, bet on his own team, in fact….then he signed papers banning himself from baseball so he wouldn’t have to tell the truth. Lied to people’s faces for fourteen years….and now he comes clean. Am I missing something here? I’m all for forgiving and forgetting, but when a person bans himself in order to protect his lies, that’s not cool in my book.

On top of which, it is an outrage that he’s coming clean in order to bring attention to his book.

Speaking of baseball, I don’t ever recall a time when I went to a ball game wanting to see Paul Molitor play. He gets into the Hall and Jim Rice is still on the outside looking in? Please.

And regarding the whole Hall of Fame ballot process, any voting process where Cecil Fielder, Terry Pendleton, and Doug Drabek get ANY votes is seriously flawed. Cecil Fielder in the Hall? Come on, whoever voted for him should look for a different line of work.

Ok, enough about baseball, I know, sorry.

When Suzy Kolber reported that McNair has “…a cracked bone spur”, isn’t a bone spur enough to cause pain? Does it also need to be cracked too? Ouch.

Isn’t it always the case that the firewood delivery truck always comes around on a day that it is raining?

What is it about a tarp that mice find so attractive? Couldn’t they chew on the edges instead of right in the middle, creating hole after hole? And why can’t they ever figure out how to get OUT of the folded tarp after getting IN to it. Does anyone else out there lose a tarp a year to these vermin? And it always ends up I find this stuff out when I’m looking for something to protect my newly delivered firewood from the rain.

Did you know, that according to NCAA basketball rules, even if the clock says 0.0, the game doesn’t end until the horn sounds? It’s true. Just ask Providence College after their game against Texas.

And what is the deal with college basketball players and them not being able to keep their shirts tucked in?

Speaking of college, always makes me happy to see “dual champions” in football. I’m not sure exactly what was wrong with the process before the BCS, just play the bowl games and then vote. Why bother with this whole BCS garbage, makes no sense and now it’s percentage is less than 50% on pitting #1 versus #2 since its inception.

I liked it better without BCS.  I never can get into watching a college New Year’s Day bowl game three days after New Year’s Day at night. Let’s go back to loading up January 1st with games from 11am until midnight, that’s how it should be.

How sad was it reading that voters had already decided to vote for USC without even seeing the LSU/Oklahoma game…or that voters were going to vote just to screw up the system….a system is in place, you have a vote, do the right thing even if you don’t like the process.

So, after over 10 years, Joe Gibbs is back coaching the Washington Redskins. Gibbs and Parcells once again in the same division, nice.

There were many more emails about goalposts and kicking field goals, good stuff everyone. In one message, someone wondered “…why even wait for the refs to make a signal, the mascot is always running on the field the arms raised well before the refs call it good!”

I used to think the phrase “throwing up in your mouth” was funny, heard it bandied around, even used it a couple of times myself. No more. If you’ve seen the movie American Wedding, the scene where Stiffler…well…ends up having to eat….a piece of….ummm…..well, if you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, be prepared to leave the room quickly with a mouthful.

Is there a cooler song on the radio right now than Hey Ya by OutKast? I wonder if anyone out there in my reading audience even knows what a Polaroid picture is.

Speaking of which, while Enron got most of the press a couple of years ago, what former CEO Gary DiCamillo did to Polaroid was just as criminal. Drove the company into the ground then left for another job, sad.

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