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Just Thinking Out Loud XXII

What a Super Bowl!!

Why doesn’t anyone else in New England wonder why the victory parade for the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots is held in Boston? It makes no sense to have it there. There is no room for it, the politicians there could really care less (see also four years ago when the Kraft’s wanted to build the stadium in Boston, they did everything in their power to stop it from happening). It should take place on Route One, which is certainly wide enough and accessible enough to accommodate it, then it should end up right at Gillette Stadium. Plenty of room, ample parking…..and no, I’m not saying it should be in the stadium, outside in the vast open space so everyone will have plenty of room.

How about this: The mayor of Boston didn’t want to have any of those port o john’s available for the celebration (they were a safety concern???!?). One and a half million people and no bathroom for them? Come on, Mr. Mayor. You don’t deserve to host an event like this. Then again, if anything goes wrong, you can just blame it on Sunday liquor sales, right?

Speaking of the Big Game, I’m not exactly sure what the big deal was over the halftime show expose. We’re seeing sexual enhancing commercials every 10 minutes, a commercial where a horse beefs in a woman’s face, and yet seeing a nip is suddenly offensive? Like Jerry Seinfeld once said, “We all got ’em.”

I’m sure all those that were watching the game in high definition were extremely pleased, heh heh.

The real problem was, like Carolina, Justin went for two but didn’t get it (ba-da-bing, thank you, I’ll be here all weekend!)

What was really an outrage during halftime was Kid Rock direspecting the flag, not sure why people aren’t angry over that.

Not sure if anyone else got this feed, but those that listened to the local broadcast of the game got to hear the following exchange just before the coin toss and just before NBC went to the field…I’m not sure that referee Ed Hochuli knew his microphone was on….here what took place:

Ed Hochuli: How’s everyone doing, nice day for a game, ok you guys will stand here, you guys will stand there….then Mr.Title will be tossing the coin…
Y.A.Title: Do I get to keep the coin?
Hochuli: Umm, I’m not sure, Mr.Title, I think it’s going to the Hall of Fame or something like that.
Title: They told me I’d be able to keep the coin….
<after a brief pause>
Hochuli: Umm, yes, Mr.Title, I’ve just been told that you will be able to keep the coin.

Poor Boomer Esiason, he’s doing the radio broadcast but has to leave a little early to get on the field for his NBC gig at halftime. He leaves the booth and by the time he gets onto the field, the scoreless tie that he left is now 14-10. Nice.

Some thoughts from earlier on in the playoffs:

I will never understand a home crowd, especially at a playoff game, booing the home team. It makes zero sense. If you are unhappy with the play, say nothing. Trust me, booing only makes the situation worse.

Good to see FOX employ a picture of Tony Siragusa instead of a live shot of him during their broadcasts.

Speaking of which, are you kidding me, St.Louis does not make use of audibles?????? Reason number 4221 that Mike Martz should be fired immediately.

Nice of New England to wait until the Carolina/St.Louis game ended for those of you out there not employing the multiple television system that I have going for the football season. You didn’t miss much before that.

Let me see if I have this straight, Mike Ditka is pitching some product by telling people to “stay in the game”….? When is the last time that he was involved in a game or even the broadcast booth for that matter?

And speaking of which, I need to be in advertising, apparently these days you don’t even need to tell the public what your product does, just tell people to “go ask your doctor.”

Did I just type in “these days”? Whoa.

Memo to Jim Calhoun: Calm down, everything isn’t always about you. You’re too wrapped up in yourself to even listen to what question is being asked of you. (For those that missed it, after losing to Providence, Calhoun was asked to comment on Gomes’ play for the Friars, to which Calhoun went on this tirade about why he didn’t recruit him.)

That groan you heard was from Oakland fans when they announced that Norv Turner had been hired. On the flip side, Miami fans coulnd’t be any happier.

Like the show or not, I can nearly guarantee that the phrase “You’re Fired!” using your hand motion to point at someone will be (finally) replacing “The Tribe Has Spoken”.

That’s about all for now, thanks as always for reading and keep those thoughts coming! 

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