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Keeping Ahead: Introducing The Daily Bite Podcast

Let’s talk a little daily, shall we?

I know what you are probably thinking: “Why on earth would I click on a column focused on keeper league strategies if it is just going to talk about daily leagues?” This is probably followed by: “Wait, how did MJ know I was just thinking that” and eventually, “He clearly must just be some kind of super-level genius that can read minds.”

Well thank you reader; that was kind of you. Flattery will get you nowhere with me though.

Actually, I am going to use the space to discuss what I believe will be a really exciting edition to the Fantasy Sharks family and a tool for any of you who play in daily fantasy leagues or want to start. As our season-long leagues wear down, and some of you have already given into the injury lords who have claimed all of your players, you may be looking elsewhere to get your weekly fantasy fix. Daily fantasy leagues such as FanDuel or DraftKings give you this opportunity each week, and, with low entry costs and high potential winnings, may let you forget about the pain of your season long leagues with a single lineup.

Need proof? Ok.

Last week, I won $1,000 on a $2 lineup consisting of Michael Floyd, Danny Amendola, and Charcandrick West.

This week, my buddy who helps me select good daily lineups, won $1500 on a $25 bet and was thisclose to winning a life-changing amount, if not for an inadvertent, shameful whistle blown by a referee in Monday Night Football.

Fantasy football should not be primarily about winning money. But if you can combine what you already love to read, research, and play with the potential to pay off everything from this Christmas to a mountain of student loans? Ya, that’s enticing.

So, to this end, I want to introduce you to a new Fantasy Sharks podcast focused entirely on helping you set your daily fantasy lineups: The Daily Bite with MJ Brown!!!!!!!

Each week, I, along with two talented co-hosts, will delve into the murky waters of daily fantasy football, and uncover the best values, highest upside players, and provide a variety of tips and strategies that have helped win all of us a lot of money. With a combined three decades of playing fantasy sports between us, we feel confident we can help you achieve success every week, and fall in love with yet another corner of the fantasy football world. This of course will be combined with the usual MJ snarkiness, surprise guests, and random topics you have all come to expect out of me by now.

The first episode airs this coming Saturday and will be available on all platforms as well as right here at Fantasy Sharks. Follow my twitter @fantasysharkMJ for up to date information and I look forward to all your feedback and comments.

Now onto this week’s nonsense!

About MJ Brown

MJ Brown has been an avid fantasy football keeper league enthusiast and player for over a decade. A member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association, MJ delivers weekly content on multiple platforms, bringing a combination of advice, humor, and tips to keep your team at the top of your league.