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Keeping Ahead: Keeping “Keeping Ahead”

For those of us in season-long leagues, what are we going to do?

Obviously, now that the postseason is here, many of us will turn to daily fantasy games. If this applies to you, I highly encourage you to check out my weekly Fantasy Sharks Radio podcast: The Daily Bite with MJ Brown where I, along with my two co-hosts, discuss the best plays, values, and busts of the upcoming daily slate. I’ve had readers email me that they’ve won every week by following our advice, and I encourage you to jump on board with us and try to do the same. With entry fees as low as 25 cents, and huge paydays, why not, right?

But if daily isn’t your thing, you may be feeling a bit melon collie this week. I don’t blame you. Not only did we see the regular season end with Sunday night’s Green Bay-Minnesota game, we also bid adieu to the last Monday and Thursday night games, the last appearance of Andrew Siciliano or Scott Hanson on RedZone, and, for the citizens of a few cities, possibly the last time you get to cheer your hometown team on Sunday. Stan Kroenke, at the very least, seems poised to pull an Art Modell on the great city of St. Louis. Shame all around.

Of course, these events have also signaled the end of regular fantasy football content on a variety of mediums, not least of which is here on Fantasy Sharks. Columns and discussion that you are used to seeing each week on this website are going to dissipate until the summer months, and with that, you may feel a bit lost on those work mornings where work needs to wait a bit until you’ve had your coffee and football fix. I know this feeling too.

So, with all that said, I am here to tell you that Keeping Ahead will periodically appear in the offseason. Listen, I need this as much as you do. I am sipping coffee right now, avoiding work, and crafting this column and thinking of future topics. Here is what I have so far until regular season content begins again in 2016:

  • A comically too-early 2016 Mock Draft – wait until you see where I put David Johnson
  • A second interview with Albert Haynesworth
  • A new set of interviews highlighting fantasy players – this may range from the casual reader of this column to professional athletes who enjoy fantasy in their “spare” time
  • Guest columns – perhaps the secret fantasy consultation has a word to say
  • Combine reports live from Indianapolis
  • NFL Draft ramifications
  • Mid-summer keeper analysis – what changed (if anything) and why
  • Training Camp reports – last year I went to Miami, Detroit, and Indianapolis
  • A comment on contemporary mores
  • Not that last one
  • Why your team stinks, and what they need to do to fix it

What do you think? Any other suggestions, thoughts, ideas? I am open to anything. Save me from doing real work on Tuesday mornings. Please.

Throughout the offseason, please feel free to email me at or follow me on twitter @fantasysharkMJ. Also, please subscribe to Fantasy Sharks Radio on iTunes or Blog Talk Radio to listen to The Daily Bite with MJ Brown – a weekly podcast discussing daily fantasy football strategies, lineups, and tips! If you have any burning questions/topics you’d like me to address, let me know!

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MJ Brown has been an avid fantasy football keeper league enthusiast and player for over a decade. A member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association, MJ delivers weekly content on multiple platforms, bringing a combination of advice, humor, and tips to keep your team at the top of your league.