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Kickers? Where is the Love?

When was the last time you heard someone say, “that Josh Scobee is tough as nails!” or “Jason Hanson is what football is all about; I’m riding him to the Championship”.
  I’d bet my last dollar that you’ve never heard these words spew from anyone’s mouth (and if you have, I recommend keeping your distance from this frightening individual despite his keen foresight).
  It is precisely this incessant ill will that has kickers across the country up in arms.
  It’s time that the professional and fantasy communities start paying some respect to these consistent scorers who can make or break your season.


Sadly, kickers are generally regarded as “soft” players who serve a minimal purpose on the gridiron.


There are some people who even call for their ouster from the sport altogether.


These same people are displaying ignorance as they simply overlook the importance of a booming leg anchoring your team. The immense talent of kickers is vastly underrated and tomorrow’s champs must learn to accept and embrace their kickers if they want to find true success.I’ve never heard of anyone running into Sebastian Janikowski in a club and coming away with the feeling that he is “soft”.


Why is this label placed on him and his fellow kickers unfairly and unjustly? Many of the cannon-legged kickers of the NFL are multi-talented phenoms.

  It takes a special talent to become a kicker.

  How many kids do you know that aspire to become the next great NFL kicker?

  It is these unique individuals that possess many different skills and are well versed in many other disciplines such as soccer, speed skating, kickball and even kung-fu.

  The average kicker has grown up undergoing rigorous training and has been taught various ways of increasing his leg strength and stamina.

  All of the hard work pays off as you rarely see a kicker miss large chunks of time due to injury unlike their primadonna,

  “tough-guy” teammates who constantly break down with a plethora of bumps, bruises, strains and breaks.

  Who is soft I ask?

  Just imagine what type of success Pele or Bruce Lee would have had in today’s NFL.


The upside is unimaginable as you look at the success story of an ex-band member, turned kicker for Boston College last year.

  Tom Dempsey and Jason Elam would be shaking in their cleats over the prospect of Pele shattering their 63-yard field goal record. I’d like to place the joking aside and declare a new day in the fantasy world where kickers command their long overdue respect as a major cog to a successful team.

  The NFL has already taken the first step with escalating salaries.

  It has been realized that a good kicker goes a long way.

  On 3/21/06, the mercurial Adam Vinatieri (New England’s ex-golden boy – Tom who??) signed a 5-year deal paying him 2.4 million dollars per year with a 3.5 million dollar signing bonus.

  This is proof-positive that the NFL has caught on to the modern kicker craze; it’s now up to you to follow the NFL’s lead.

  You must not lag behind and miss the boat. Let the laughter stop when Shayne Graham’s name is called in the early rounds of drafts.

  Please keep the “good luck with that idiot!” comment to yourself when your buddy has the guts to draft Martin “Automatica” Grammatica in the middle rounds of a draft.


We have entered a new age where players like this will put your team on their back and carry you to bragging rights as Champ of your league.

  Please stay focused and think of the joy that will be brought to you when ol’ Morten Andersen nails that 36 yarder to lift you to a playoff victory (Mort hits these with more regularity than Paris Hilton hits the newsstands).

  This overwhelming pleasure has been blessed upon me more than once, and for that, I will pay my respect by sporting a new, authentic Joe Nedney jersey (yes, they really make those) at my draft this year. Going forward, the new era will stop airing ESPN asking LT and LJ who they would take number one in drafts.
  Instead, we will see up-and-comers Stephen Gostkowski and Mike Nugent on display as they give us fantasy leaguers true wisdom and divine knowledge in what kickers should be drafted early and often.
  It is players like this that get down and dirty week in and week out; they even have to have a knack for acting as they violently flail to the ground if any other player comes within an arms length of them. 

 It takes a special person to put on an Emmy Award winning performance in a quest for an extra 15 yards.
  It is clear that the kicker is responsible for the majority of all the legwork (pardon the pun) it takes to be successful.
  Kickers are what’s now; join me in taking advantage of this new phenomenon and draft a solid one early.
  I expect to hear the love when you ride his untapped potential to glory in your league.


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