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Last Minute Trade Advice

With only three more weeks left in the fantasy football regular season, trading deadlines are finally here. Owners have choices they need to make and a limited time to make them. I’ve put together a list of high profile players and not so well known players that owners need to consider before the deadline. 

Some of these players should avoided while others need to be targeted. My four designations for these players are A) Run for the Hills!, B) Buy Low, C) Sell High and D) Do Nothing.

Run for the Hills!

Ray Rice

Trent Richardson

Steven Jackson

Don’t get cute. You know you want to. A part of you wants to be the guy that buys super low on one of these first round busts and then they suddenly return to form in the fantasy playoffs. Anyone whose watched these three play this year knows that they just don’t got it anymore and are too unreliable to put in lineups, especially at this crucial time of the year.

S-Jax can’t stay healthy and even if he does, the Falcons offense is such a hot mess right now that the opportunities just aren’t there for him to make a difference. 
Trent Richardson

, who ranks 34th 
among running backs, is currently tied with
Doug Martin

in points. Martin hasn’t played since Week 7 and was already having a disappointing season so this gives you a good view of just how terrible Richardson has been. Terrible in a ‘has only rushed for over 50 yards three times this season’ kind of way. Rice has been just as bad as Richardson and he’s been bothered by a hip injury all season long.

These three has-beens aren’t just going to turn it around one week. This is fool’s gold. The only value I can see in these busts, if you own them, is to do a strategic drop of them during the season. For example, I’ve had Richardson warming my bench for weeks now but I want to wait to the playoffs to drop him so a playoff team can pick him up and he can destroy that owner’s lineup. That’s the only real value I can see in these guys going forward. That’s how bad its got, my friends.

Buy Lowish

Wes Welker

If I’ve learned anything about fantasy gamers, it’s that they are an impatient bunch. They can also be prisoners of the moment, forcing themselves into rash decisions. 
Wes Welker

‘s putrid three-catch, 21-yard performance last Sunday against the Chargers, in a nationally televised game, had his owners steaming. It’s not like you’re going to get a steal on Welker but this is the best value you’re going to get for him. We’re talking about a top-10 fantasy receiver, playing in the best offense in all of football. See if you can take advantage of his bitter owners in a trade.

Sell High

Tavon Austin

I understand that he scored a bajillion points on a lot of benches last Sunday. I know better than anyone because I happened to be playing against him in a PPR league that gives points for kick return yardage. Sixty-one points was what I was dealing with, but thanks to
Demaryius Thomas

and a couple other helping hands I somehow narrowly won. Enough about me though, the fact is Austin has done zilcho this season before Week 10’s flukey outburst. He’s on a bye this week so that lowers his value but if you get something sorta decent for him, I would definitely get rid of him. He’s still in a mediocre offense and he was playing so bad before Week 10 that he didn’t even register a reception in Week 9. Think about this one stat if you’re thinking of riding Austin through the playoffs. In Austin’s previous six games before Week 10, he a combined total of 89 receiving yards. Horrid.

Do Nothing

CJ Spiller

If you were going to move Spiller it would’ve been last week after his 116 rushing comeback performance against the Chiefs. Now, after his fabulously awful 23-yard game last Sunday against Pittsburgh, nobody trusts Spiller anymore and there’s no point in moving him because you won’t get fair value and you can’t go buy-low on him because of the aforementioned trust issues. Against the Steelers soft run defense, Spiller could do nothing, so he’s not even a matchup play right now. He should be on the bench for a while until he shows us something, which is entirely possible, but he’s still not reliable enough to pursue as trade bait. Not with the fantasy playoffs right around the corner.

Buy Low or Pick-Up off the Waiver Wire

Aaron Rodgers


Randall Cobb


Nate Burleson

In most leagues, it’s too late to pick up
Andre Brown

Percy Harvin

Shane Vereen

. They were the first batch of late season saviors that owners had been stashing for months, hoping they could give them a late season playoff push. The next batch of guys are Rodgers, Cobb and Burleson. Both Cobb and Burleson can be found on most waiver wires. The earliest Cobb could come back is Week 15, but if he fully recovers, he’ll be a high-end WR2 with upside, with two games left in the fantasy playoffs.

As far as
Nate Burleson

, he might actually start this week. Let’s not forget how good Burleson was earlier in the season before he broke his arm in a car accident, reaching for a pizza slice. In the first three games of the season, Burleson averaged six receptions a game for 79 receiving yards. Right before he got hurt he had his best game of the season with 116 receiving yards. I’d scoop him up off the waiver wire now and see how he does in his first game back. If the results are good, I’d plug him right back into the lineup. The Lions have one of the best offenses and with the amount of attention some of the other playmakers on the Lions get, Burleson has a chance to shine against soft defenses.

As for Rodgers, if you’ve got a serviceable backup QB on your roster and you’ve got some depth on your roster, it might be time to get a good deal on
Aaron Rodgers

. He’s still going to miss some time but he has a very real chance of being back for the fantasy playoffs in Weeks 13-16 and I think you can get a solid discount on him. He’s a top-three QB and worth the trade if you can find the right trading partner, whose willing to give you a real discount. 

Good Hunting!

Ed Bonfanti
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