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Unless you are in a multi-quarterback league, there is no reason to go early on quarterback. I have found myself grabbing Russell Wilson or Cam Newton in the sixth or seventh a bit but really, you don’t need to start looking at the position until at least Round 8.

Blake Bortles was a Top 10 fantasy quarterback in many formats last year. Shocking? Although he was productive for fantasy, he was a terrible actual quarterback. His regression was the buzz last season and a major concern this season. The point of this is not to sell you on Bortles, it is to make the point fantasy football isn’t real football.

Great Value

Matthew Stafford was also a Top 10 quarterback last season and has been flying under the radar in drafts. You can grab him in rounds 10-12. He is experienced, has a nice schedule and has veteran receivers and is my favorite grab at his current price. You don’t want to put the entirety of your team on the back of Blake Bortles but putting it in the hands of Stafford isn’t a stretch. People will be drafting less experienced quarterbacks earlier.

Marcus Mariota – No one can say Tennessee has a receiver shortage. He has plenty of targets and a solid running game to keep the defense honest. He is also going several rounds later than the rest of last year’s break out quarterbacks.

Tyrod Taylor – Wheeeeeeeeeee! Best used in a platoon or as a fill in, Taylor can be lots of fun. He also has the ability to make you and the citizens of Buffalo cry. As an optimist, I don’t mind grabbing him late in a draft to tandem with another cheap quarterback. I will be happy to take the ups and the downs for a Round 13 or 14 quarterback.

Give The Old Guys Some Love

Eli Manning is falling into Rounds 10-12. Yes, there is Manning face that goes with the inevitable Manning interceptions. There is also the addition of Brandon Marshall and Evan Engram. That gives Manning an amazing group of pass catchers. You take him with the knowledge that even after all these years he is still a little bit of a flier due to his ability to crash and burn spectacularly at times. But the value is outstanding and the risk well worth it. On fire, Manning can crush your opposition and hand you a trophy.

Philip Rivers is available in Rounds 11-13 and this isn’t his first rodeo. Good receivers – check. Tight end – Hall of Famer.  Running back – check. If this team can stay healthy (a big “if” unfortunately) it should be fantasy relevant in most positions and Rivers will make a great value.

Carson Palmer – The elder statesman of this bunch at 37, he is an experienced quarterback with great receivers and an amazing running back. For the three games he is healthy he will probably be lights out.  His health and age are the risk but he is priced accordingly.

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