Thursday - Mar 4, 2021

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Let’s Light This Candle

Here we go again!  The site is exploding and we couldn’t be happier.  FantasySharks is here and we’re here to stay.  Thanks to all of you we’re just hitting our stride and sincere thanks go out to all of you that frequent the site and enjoy our offering. 


I get a cackle out of the sites that boast they get a million hits a week.  Sure it sounds good, but we’re currently experiencing almost 2 million hits a day and climbing.  We serve up approximately 750,000 pages per day.  That’s 750,000 complete page loads in a browser, a day.  We’re deeply humbled by the reaction we’ve had to FantasySharks and we’re pleased that we can attract such a loyal following.  We’re blowing the doors of our servers and melting the drive heads!  Fantastic!


Our message board is bar none the finest fantasy football forum in existence.  You won’t find attitude or crass behavior here.  You’ll find a group of people ready, willing and able to help you with your fantasy decisions and happy to be of service.  Our forum is different because we realize how great it is and we make sure they have a good time.  You’ll notice we have our Whale Shark interviews on the front page from some of our loyalists.  49 fantasy football fanatics have posted more than 1,000 posts themselves and as they pass that mark, we feel they should be recognized for a job well done.  You’re not just a number here; you’re a respected member of our international community and we make sure of it. 


As of this writing our forum contains almost 150,000 posts and we’ve attracted 12,054 registered members.  That’s 12,054 people that have taken the time to register themselves with us and to read the site, registration is not required.  Based on our numbers, we estimate that approximately 40,000 people use the site on a regular basis and it’s growing by leaps and bounds.


We’re also happy with our proprietary interfaces we’ve developed with our league host partner,  To date, almost 14,000 teams have asked for draft advice from and our revolutionary FantasySharks Draft Coach ™ product.  It’s a partnership that has worked well for us and we never hesitate to recommend Mike and the guys over at myfantasyleague for the outstanding product they produce.  If you care about where your money goes, take it from us, the folks behind myfantasyleague aren’t a big corporation with your money funneling back to over priced execs and stock holders.  It’s going to a rock solid group of guys trying to make a living to support their families and newborns.  I can think of no other fantasy football host that is more deserving of your dollars.


The Shark Leagues experienced a successful launch this year.  We have 204 players in our tournament style leagues with many more on the waiting list.  We’ll be firing up our weekly contests again this season and once again, our friends at The Autograph Source will be ponying up two $500 prizes.  Our winners last year wrote me personally thanking me for the service they received, exclaiming they got exactly what they wanted.  If you’re in the market for personalized collectibles, Rick Schultz is the owner at The Autograph Source and he comes highly recommended from both me and the folks we’ve sent his way.


We’ll be out in Las Vegas for the Kahuna Sports Frenzy event in a couple of weeks.  Teams are still available.  Check them out and come on out, I’d enjoy meeting any Shark that can make it out. 


We’re thrilled with the response the site has received and we’re grateful for your patronage.  If you have a problem, an idea, or would like to volunteer your services in some capacity to help our project move forward, please drop me a line at  We’re having a lot of fun making the pay sites look silly, come on over and help us push the envelope. 


Are you ready for some football?

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