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With the majority of the big name deals done for the foreseeable future, we look back at the deals we should be enamored with and which ones should be cursed.

Martellus Bennett to The Patriots – Like

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady will finally get back to running the dual TE offense. Bennett will be playing highly motivated as he’ll look to cash in one more time after this season. He becomes Brady’s number two threat when in close which should lead to plenty of red zone targets. Bennett’s numbers will be closer to Aaron Hernandez’s production than the nothing the Patriots got from Scott Chandler.

Matt Forte to The Jets – Like

It’s smart for now at least. The Jets wanted to balance out their offensive attack with a dual-threat running back and got just that in Forte. At this point in his career though, he’s a piece of the puzzle more so than being the full on focus of the offensive game plan. He needs New York to re-up Ryan Fitzpatrick for this to work. Running behind Geno Smith will lead to defenses stacking the box and zeroing in on Forte. His value will hit a snag if Fitzpatrick signs elsewhere.

Muhamed Sanu to The Falcons – Loathe

The amount of money that Atlanta dished out for an average at best wide receiver is laughable. To be fair, Sanu was near the top of the best wide receivers available. That speaks more as to how weak the free agent class was than what his actual talent level is. The Falcons could be expecting too much from a guy who averages 5 touchdowns a year and has a career high of 800 receiving yards. Yes, playing opposite of Julio Jones is a positive, but shouldn’t the same be said of playing opposite of A.J. Green?

Marvin Jones to The Lions – Loathe

This is the definition of a panic move. The Lions seemed to be caught off guard when Calvin Johnson ultimately decided to retire. Honestly, who wouldn’t be caught off guard when your central building block up and quits in the middle of his prime? (Then again, shouldn’t The Lions be used to this yet?)  They immediately jumped into action and threw big time money at a secondary option. Both he and teammate Golden Tate are better off playing opposite of an elite receiver and capitalizing on the single coverage. Playing off each other may not have the desired effect that Detroit was looking for with those paychecks. The Lions did need to address the vacancy but overpaying in free agency tends to not work out.

DeMarco Murray traded to The Titans – Love

Murray could end up being the steal of the draft this year. Many owners have a pure hatred for Murray after last year’s huge letdown. Use their disdain to your advantage as things will be much different in Tennessee. Murray will be used closer to how he was in Dallas as compared to his use in Philadelphia. He’ll be in for all he can handle and he’ll be a threat to lead his position in receptions. Last year, he got in the head coach’s dog house early and his carries quickly dropped. He also had to fight off two other proven and productive backs in Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles. He won’t have either of those issues with The Titans.

Lamar Miller to The Texans – Love

This move is smart on Houston’s part and a fart on Miami’s. The coaching staff of the Dolphins simply did not believe that Miller could handle the work as a bell-cow back. So they let him walk without having a contingency plan aside of forcing Jay Ajayi into a more featured role. Then Miami whiffed on both C.J. Anderson and Chris Johnson to boot. Houston now has a talented back entering his prime and  hungry to prove himself. It also helped soften the blow of finally cutting bait with Arian Foster. Smart all the way around as Miller will be more featured in Houston than most are predicting.

Trent Richardson to The Ravens – DETEST

Simply because he himself has turned into a nothing since his rookie year. He deserves a status beyond loathe all to himself.

Ben Watson to The Ravens – Loathe

What do you think happened to Watson last year? Did he finally piece things together to have his best season since his early Patriots’ years? Or was he simply the product of Drew Brees utilizing his tight end as he historically always has? Strong chance that Watson was just lucky enough to have Brees under center to make him look better than he actually is. Now, he’ll go to a new team, with a different offensive mindset, and with a quarterback who historically hasn’t been overly tight end friendly. His age, being 35, added to the advanced ages of Justin Forsett and Steve Smith makes this a head scratcher for the organization.

Mike Wallace to The Ravens – Like

It’s not all negative for Baltimore this offseason. The addition of Mike Wallace at the very least gives quarterback Joe Flacco a body to throw to. That came in short supply last year and Wallace is far more proven and talented than what Flacco was left with once Steve Smith suffered his season ending injury. The big positives here are that Wallace has wheels and Flacco has one of the strongest arms in the league. This doesn’t mean that Wallace returns to WR1 status but he should be in for far more production than what he had in Minnesota.

Brock Osweiler to The Texans – Love

Love this for a few reasons. For starters, it’s comical to watch Denver go from too many quarterbacks to choose from to none at all. Secondly, this is loved simply because it should strongly benefit DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins put up big-time WR1 numbers (over 1,500 yards) with zero consistency at quarterback. No matter how Osweiler looks, there is no questioning that he’ll still be an upgrade over last season’s experiments under center. Osweiler himself may not light the world on fire but he’ll certainly help Hopkins work his way toward a giant payday.

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