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Login Help

For passwords: Not even we have access to them. When we say your information is private, we mean it.  You can reset it yourself through an automated email by asking for a password reminder, as long as you know the email address you signed up with and still have access to that email address.

If you have trouble or are still stuck, contact us below and we can set the password to something else, give that to you so that you can get in, and then you can change it to whatever you wish via your user profile.

For usernames: As long as you know the email address you signed up with and still have access to that email address, you can obtain your username by clicking HERE.

Cookies: Sometimes the cookies in your browser can become corrupt which can cause problems with login. Try clearing the cookies in your browser or try another browser (a completely different browser like Explorer instead of Chrome, not a new tab in the same browser you are using) to see if that clears up the issue for you.

Locked Out:  If you are locked out due to too many failed attempts, that lock will reset automatically for you in 10 minutes. We have it setup this way to reduce spam bots trying to hack into the site. You have 8 attempts to enter the proper user/password combination.

BridgeDD Problem: If you are getting this error, you likely have an older style user in our system that hasn’t been converted to the new system yet.  To get around this, login to the forum first, then click on the little house icon in the top left of the screen to go to the front page or just go to  In the login box, there will be an option to “Integrate Account”.  Click on that link and that should correct the issue for you.

If you still have trouble, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US and we will be happy to assist you.