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Login problems?

I can’t login or if I do get logged in, I can’t seem to stay logged in?

Auto login is controlled by a cookie on your computer which is a small file that contains just enough data for us to determine that it’s you.  We keep a record of your last visit in our database and when you return, we know it is you by the cookie that we find on your machine and we can log you into your account automatically for convenience.  It is possible for a multitude of reasons, for the cookie on your machine and the entry in our database to get out of synch.  The first thing you should try if you are having trouble logging in or staying logged in, is to clear the cookies in your browser and try again.  95% of the time, this will solve your login issue. 

To clear cookies in Internet Explorer:

Go to the Tools menu, choose Internet Options, choose Delete Browsing History and press the Delete Cookies button.

To clear cookies in FireFox:

Go to the Tools menu, choose Clear Private Data, in the dialog screen that pops up, make sure Cookies is checked and press Clear Private Data Now.

I just registered but my username does not work?

Once you complete registration, we will send you an email to the email account you use to register with us.  Sometimes a spam filter will place our registration email, which contains a link for you to activate your account, into a spam folder.  Check that spam folder or your spam filter settings to make sure you can receive email from us. 

Sometimes email just takes time to get to you for reasons beyond our control.  Please give it 10 minutes before trying again.  If you need to try to receive the email again, please click here to resend the email.

If you use a hotmail account, hotmail is notorious for over filtering, you may need to use another account if you are having trouble receiving our registration email.

I forgot my username/password?

Click on this link and we will send it to you.  Please note that not even we know your password per our privacy policy as they are stored encrypted in our database.  The system has to send it to you and allow you to reset it. 

I forgot my password, please send it to me.

I forgot my username, password, wallet, keys and shirt?!?  Help?

Alright, if you forgot everything or simply just can’t get in, send us an email using the following. Please send your email to the Attention: of Registration.

I forgot everything, help!

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