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Looking Deeper into the 2013 Draft: Second Round

Last week
we talked about the first round of the 2013 Draft. It’s championship week and that means that well better than 80 percent of all owners have been eliminated. It’s time to start thinking about the future. As I mentioned last week, the draft is about eight months away. It can be expected that a lot is going to change between now and then. But if the draft was held today, here’s how the second round may shake down.

2013 Second Round


Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall

was the best fantasy football receiver of 2012. I know that
Calvin Johnson

is breaking records and has been on a tear for the last month. Let’s not forget, though, that the first half of Johnson’s season wasn’t nearly as good as the second half has been, and he only had one touchdown by Week 10. I give Johnson the edge because he’s just a more talented receiver than Marshall. Marshall’s been good all season long, though, with career highs in catches, receiving yards and he’s tied for his career mark in touchdowns. He’s had 7 games where he’s gone for more than 100 receiving yards, and if
Jamaal Charles

’ situation in Kansas City doesn’t improve, you can make a case he should be drafted in the first round.

A.J. Green

Green ends that first tier of wide receivers for me. There was no sophomore slump for the wildly talented receiver, improving his receiving yards and touchdowns from his rookie season. He’s great enough that he could some day soon be the first receiver taken off the board. He’s a safe pick, guaranteed to produce on a weekly basis. That’s exactly what you want out of a second-round pick.

Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan

, who plays for my beloved Atlanta Falcons, has had an elite year as a fantasy quarterback and has been a
Top 5

fantasy quarterback all season long. While he may not be a first-round pick just yet, he is still a good value in the second round and will give owners elite first-round production. I’m a little concerned about losing
Tony Gonzalez

next season (he’s said he’s going to retire), but he’ll still have
Julio Jones

Roddy White

, two of the best receivers in the game, and Ryan’s production shouldn’t take that big of a hit.


Alfred Morris

This season’s “Waiver Wire Wonder of the Year” deserves to be taken in the second round. Morris has been one of the most consistent players in fantasy football this season, really only having one bad game all year long and it was against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s playing in a dynamic, run-heavy offense in Washington and his 1,300 rushing yards and nine touchdowns made him a

Top 7

running back for the year. Reliable, young, not injury-prone … sign me up.


Trent Richardson

While I think that Richardson is a more talented running back than
Alfred Morris

, I have to give Morris the edge because I like his situation a lot better and I also think he’s much less of an injury risk than Richardson. Still, Richardson’s 12 touchdowns is very impressive; second-most touchdowns at his position. He gets all the goal line carries for the Browns and usually cashes in when he gets the chance. His 3.4 yards per carry is a little distressing but he makes up for it with all the touchdowns.

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