Tuesday - Mar 2, 2021



It’s a depressing, conflicting time of year for fantasy football fanatics.

Even as they are celebrating a fantasy championship and gearing up for the NFL playoffs, folks are feeling a tinge of sadness. Season-long fantasy leagues have concluded. We’ve moved into that cold, dark, scary space known as “the offseason.”

It’s really quite unsettling.

However, intrepid fantasy football freak, you do not have to resign yourself into half a year in the void. Not quite yet.

You can join the Fantasy Sharks IDP Playoff Extravaganza of Goodness.

Catchy name, isn’t it?

The Fantasy Sharks IDP Playoff Extravaganza of Goodness is a fantasy playoff Individual Defensive Player (IDP) league that runs from the beginning of Saturday’s Wild Card Round right through Super Bowl LIII in a few weeks. The starting lineup is pretty straight-forward — one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, a kicker and a “flex” on defense. Two defensive linemen, two linebackers two defensive backs and two “flex” spots on defense. Sixteen starters, split right down the middle between offense and defense. Points per reception (PPR) scoring. Noting all that out of the ordinary.

No draft. Much like in daily fantasy (DFS), you can use any player you want. Get fat on a TY Hilton/DeAndre Hopkins pairing in the Wild Card round. Stack Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hilll and Travis Kelce the week after that.

The catch is this — you can only use each player twice. Mismanage your roster (or be wrong consistently about which teams advance) and a deep player pool in the Wild Card round can turn into a puddle by the Conference Championships.

It takes the fantasy acumen to set the best lineup possible — with a little postseason prognostication thrown in for good measure.

The cost to join the Fantasy Sharks IDP Playoff Extravaganza of Goodness is … nothing. Just a few minutes of your time each week to set a lineup. That’s also the approximate value of the prize for the winner, although there will be a bauble of some sort for the champ when the dust settles.

It’s my gift to all the fantasy football enthusiasts out there who make what I do possible by reading my work. Plus, I don’t want the music to stop just yet any more than you do.

So, if you’re interested in a few more weeks of fantasy mayhem (and a reason to watch Indianapolis vs. Houston on Saturday), hit me up on Twitter @IDPSharks and ask me about the Fantasy Sharks IDP Playoff Extravaganza of Goodness.

It should be a hoot.

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