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Looking for the next great fantasy situation?

It’s getting to that time of year again that we all look forward to. 
Pre-season starts it off with some energy from guys who simply will be
on the practice squad.

Do yourself a favor this year. Don’t think that a guy that looks good
in warm ups is going to make a splash in your fantasy league. Below are
10 players that have excellent value as middle to late round picks.
Most of them are rookies, and unproven commodities.

As an owner of a fantasy football team, You need to be looking for the
next good fantasy situation. Your fellow owners may not draft any of
these guys.

I drafted Larry Johnson with my #36 pick in 2004. My fellow league
owners laughed at the pick. I had watched LJ at Penn State and knew he
would make a solid fantasy player. LJ produced 46 tds on the ground,
and 5 tds on receptions over the next three years after scoring 1 TD in

I drafted Anquan Boldin in 2003 with the #60 pick. “Q” went on to catch
101 balls for 1377 yards, and 8TD’s. I had watched Anquan play receiver
and QB at Florida State and knew he was going to be a star.

Owners may scoff at your picks, but you will be there at the end of the season if you discover the next great situation.

10 Players to keep your eyes on:

1. Kevin Smith -RB Detroit Lions –    The situation couldn’t be better.
He is a         workhorse with vison, patience, and quick feet. Forget
about reaching for McFadden. This is a safe pick as he has only Tatum
Bell to beat out. Word is he already has the Job and has a great
rapport of the coaching staff. should be around 2nd round of keeper
league, and 6th of redrafts.

2. Devin Thomas- WR Washington Redskins- His prototype size 6’2″ 215lbs
soft  hands and run after the catch ability makes him an interesting
pick. He has adequate speed at 4.40 in the 40 and is a good complement
to santana moss.

Do not reach for him, he will be there late rounds.

3. Anthony Aldridge- RB Denver Broncos- An undrafted Rookie signs with
Denver. He is blazing fast at 4.36 and can get to the corner. Once on

perimeter he has a burst to run away from everyone. Undersized at 5’9″
170, it maybe hard to find him in the line. Expect him to be a returner
to start, but if he sees any reps in the backfield lookout. a steal in
the last round of your draft. Everyone else will be thinking about
Selvin Young and Ryan Torrain.

4. Eddie Royal -WR Denver Broncos- Everyone will be after Brandon
Marshall. This guy can flat out play. 4.39 speed, great hands, and

balance give this guy all the tools to be a breakout player. Word out
of Broncos camp is this guy catches everything, and he works as hard
doing it as anyone who plays. His value is insane thinking you can grab
him at #60 overall in keeper leagues. #108 in redraft leagues. He may
lose some redzone focus due to his 5’10 size.

5. Michael Bush- RB Oakland Raiders- Fully healed from a broken leg
that cost him his Heissman Trophy season, He is now ready to contribute.

He has great vision and outstanding speed for a back of his size. Will
get the goal line work. I expect to see owners scratching their heads
that drafted Mcfadden and Fargas. Tremendous athlete who works hard and
can get to the open field. McFadden doesn’t break tackles, and you’ll
see Bush excels at it. All world pic at #100 in keeper leagues, #148 in
redraft leagues.

6. Xavier Omon- RB Buffalo Bills-         The X man played at little
known NW Missouri state. This guy is tough to tackle averaging 6.3 yds
per carry.

He totalled 2337 yards and 37 TDS in 2007 and led all NC2a competition.
Omon sits third on the depth chart Marshawn Lynch who is apparently in
legal trouble, and Fred Jackson from Coe. Buffalo knows Omon is the
goods and so do I. Take him in the very last round of your draft. By
seasons end, owners will know who the Xman is. Will be around late

7. Bernard Berrian-WR Minn Vikings- Berrian got a raw deal in Chicago.
He runs great routes, has good hands, and blazing speed. Teams will put
8 in the box to stop Adrian Peterson. Berrian will enjoy a very nice
season provided he has a qb who can get him the ball. Will be around
middle rounds.

8. Jamaal Charles- RB Kansas City Chiefs- An essential handcuff to LJ,
Charles has the speed that LJ lacks. Charles is an injury away from
joining the elite. He runs hard with a great burst and can punish you
with the straight arm. Get him now on the cheap. If you own LJ, he is a
must have. Should be around late rounds.

9. Jonathan Stewart-RB Carolina Panthers- Good size, speed, and
strength. Carolina has a massive O-line and JSTEW will tote the rock
from day 1.

Should be around late first round keeper leagues, and fifth round redraft leagues.

10. Chris Johnson- RB Tennesee Titans- Rumor has it that there are 20
plays that Titans offensive coordinator have designed to get this guy

ball. Titan’s spent a first rounder for the speed alone. You get this
guy in space and he’s gone. Lendale White isn’t going to impress anyone
again this year. Look for him to start as a change of pace back to

Johnson will end up splitting carries with 2nd year back Travis Henry by seasons end. Johnson having the most upside.



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