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Losing Outside of the Box – Draft Prep

So, the football gods dealt you a losing hand. Your keepers grew old overnight, your team’s bench is filled with 2008’s “could-be’s,” hell, maybe you’re still holding on to Barry Sanders (sure he’s 42, but he should be well-rested by now!). It is time to rebuild.

“If you’re afraid of getting a rotten apple, don’t get it from the barrel, get it off the tree.” – Sean Connery in The Untouchables

Where to start?

Rookie runningback, or at worst, a second-year runningback with Nitroglycerin potential. I know, kind of a “Duh!” statement, but the more and more I read this year, it seems that runningbacks are the new red-headed stepchildren!

Don’t believe the hype! What would Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Maurice Jones-Drew or Chris Johnson do for your team? Exactly! You can stand up right now and kick yourself in the butt because you were to chicken-stuff to spend a high pick on a rookie. Go ahead, I’ll wait for you. Or, you can tell yourself, that this is the year you won’t get pushed around (Ryan Mathews), you will not go quietly into that dark night (Jahvid Best) and you will not go down without a fight (C.J. Spiller). You will not settle for LenDale White!

Ask yourself, who were your starting runningbacks for the last three or four seasons? Were they on everyone’s “play it safe” list?

Dull, dull, dull, dull.

You have to start playing this game like it’s supposed to be fun! This is fantasy football. It’s time to punch it in from the 2-yard-line, and if you take a cleat to the face, you better stand back up spitting teeth!

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