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Love at First Sight – A Dynasty Story

I’ve been playing fantasy football for 15 years now. I started the same year that Randy Moss joined the Minnesota Vikings. 

We had eight guys and played for $10 each. I landed Terrell Davis, Jamal Anderson, Rod Smith, Frank Sanders, OJ McDuffie,

Randy Moss

and Drew Bledsoe (homer pick – I grew up five minutes from the stadium). My leagues have evolved, and my picks, for the most part, got better minus a few mistakes here and there (

Steve Slaton

in the second round and he loses a dozen fumbles and a starting gig).

By my junior year of college I started a keeper league and managed to have the same 10 owners for eight years before two people dropped out. Tiki Barber, LaDainian Tomlinson and Rudi Johnson were a force to be reckoned with the first two years of the league. The offseason was brutal since I never got into fantasy baseball and only a few of the other owners were interested in talking about fantasy football.

Last summer, I got tired of the same three re-draft leagues and started researching dynasty football. I had heard talk before and saw articles about it when I was researching for drafts but never thought much about it. The more I read about it the more excited I was to set up a league. I started asking around, mostly the guys I knew from other leagues, and between friends we got 10 solid owners of which one had prior dynasty experience which was a huge help setting up the league on MyFantasyLeague (the site of choice if you ask me).

The draft research was something completely new – do you go all youth, all established veterans or a good blend to be competitive now and for the long run? I also didn’t know what strategy everyone else would go with either. Four picks into the initial draft the trades started. I gave up the No. 7 pick and a first-round pick the following draft to move up to No. 4 and took

Arian Foster

. He got Ryan Mathews and that future pick turned to

Aaron Dobson

. I can tell you how happy I am not to own Mathews.

Twenty-seven trades in the first year of the league and 31 so far in the first offseason, dynasty football couldn’t be any wetter in my eyes. This isn’t propaganda to get you to join a dynasty league. But I do want people who haven’t heard of dynasty or are looking for something more in fantasy football to understand it’s out there and it can be amazing. Maybe because all of our owners are friends and we see each other at parties and softball games a lot, but it is constant trade talk and roster tweaking. Sometimes to the point of our wives and girlfriends getting annoyed enough they wind up looking at each other’s Pinterest accounts. At the end of the day, dynasty football, if done right, can keep you entertained year round and will definitely pass the time at the 2-year-old birthday parties as well.

Below are some tips and things to keep in mind if you do plan on making the move to dynasty.

1) Scout Out General Managers

With dynasty, the team you initially draft is your team for the foreseeable future and you want to have other guys in the league that are as committed and as active as you. It makes the regular season great and it makes the offseason just as exciting. Even if it means talking it out with each person you are thinking about getting to join the league, you want to find people that are committing for at least five years, but hopefully longer. The last thing you want is someone that is not active or becomes uninterested in the league; everyone has to understand it is a lot like the real NFL where there is no real offseason. We put into effect a rule that if you quit the league you have to pay the entry fee for the next year. This way the replacement can have a discount, especially if they have to rebuild.

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