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Love to Hate ‘em. Nope! Hate to Love ‘em.

Check your allegiance to any particular team at the door for the fantasy draft and for fantasy sports in general. By avoiding top players on teams you may despise, you are immediately undercutting your team’s chances at a fantasy trophy. These particular superstars are almost indispensible in fantasy sports, despite how loathed or hated their teams may be.

Vladimir Guerrero is my favorite baseball player and I love the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. But, can you believe the Angels let him go … and to a divisional counterpart, no less. Although, Guerrero is now on the Rangers, I still had to make a choice between him and a similar star on the Angels, Hideki Matsui. Both players were slated at utility only in my league, but I chose to leave my main team aside and went with Guerrero. What a payoff … Guerrero is in the Top 10 while we can all appreciate how Matsui is doing for the ‘Halos’ – Top 350.

In a pick’em-style league, leaning away from a hated team or individual can be like an anchor around your neck. Those individuals or teams are hated for a reason. They win or they are just plain talented. Many NASCAR fans love to hate Kyle Busch. When he is hot, you almost have to go with him though. Avoidance will most definitely cause a drop in your percentile. Don’t be that bitter guy who misses out.


fans, I am truly sorry for you. I didn’t want LeBron James to leave either. What can you do now? Stay true to him and draft him early. He is going to blow up the stats with Dwyane Wade at his side. Everyone seems to see this coming, so why not cash in yourselves?

Lastly, we have the upcoming and most important draft … football! I don’t like the New England Patriots at all, but if any of the following are available I am going to snag Tom Brady, Randy Moss or Wes Welker for sure. That way, even if the Patriots destroy my favorite teams, I can quietly smirk as my fantasy players rack up the points.

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