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Low-cut jeans, the Olympics and Preseason Football

With less than a week in the books on the 2008 Summer Olympics, there are already a few memorable moments. The opening ceremonies were the best ever, even if some of the fireworks were computer generated, and of course the men’s 4×100 relay team

beating the trash-talking French by

eight one-hundredths of a second was quite thrilling. While The Corner of Knowledge fully supports the wearing of low-cut jeans …





We strongly recommend that Michael Phelps refrain from the low-cut swimsuit look …





2008 marks the 40th anniversary of the Mexico City Olympics in which Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their black-gloved fists in protest at the 200-meters medals award ceremony.

Both athletes wore black socks and no shoes on the podium to represent black poverty in

America. But, what is little known is that in support, Peter Norman, the silver medalist who was a white athlete from

Australia, participated in the protest by wearing an OPHR (Olympic Project for Human Rights) badge. It was Norman who suggested that Smith and Carlos share the black gloves used in their salute, after Carlos had left his gloves in the Olympic Village. This is the reason for Tommie Smith raising his right fist, while John Carlos raised his left.





paid the price for his support of Smith and Carlos as he was reprimanded by

Australia’s Olympic authorities and was ostracized by the Australian media.

Norman would have been present at the 1972 Summer Olympics in

Munich but the Australian track team chose not to send any sprinters.


The bond between these three men was such that both Smith and Carlos gave eulogies and were pallbearers at

Norman’s funeral in October 2006.


Along with the Olympics, preseason football has started and there are some performances that are worth noting as they could be a harbinger of things to come.


DeAngelo Williams, RB, Car – Williams ran for 55 yards and two touchdowns on nine carries in the Panthers’ preseason opener against the Colts. Williams is currently listed as the starter at RB, but it is assumed that rookie Jonathan Stewart will win the starting job and thus the majority of carries.


Stewart is currently being drafted at 63.7 with Williams going at 82.88. The Panthers ran the ball 451 times last year with Williams averaging five yards on 144 carries.

   Stewart missed the Panthers preseason opener due to soreness in his toe which was operated on nearly five months ago, and he appears to be leaving the door wide open for Williams to claim at least a 50/50 split in carries. So, let others buy into the hype surrounding Stewart, sit tight and grab the Panthers’ starting running back two rounds later.


Calvin Johnson, WR, Det – Caught four passes for 78 yards in the Lions first preseason game against the New York Giants. Last season Roy Williams had 104 targets compared to 95 for Johnson.

  Johnson has confessed that he was only 65-70 percent healthy last season after injuring his hip during the third game of the season at

Philadelphia. The Lions shopped Williams during the offseason but couldn’t find a deal they liked, so it’s clear that they are ready to move forward with Johnson as their #1 wide receiver.




Johnson is currently the 20th wide receiver off the board and has the potential to produce Top 10 numbers. So don’t feel the need to reach for a wide receiver early, just sit back and take Johnson at around pick 55.


Robert Meachem, WR, NO – Had four catches for 129 yards and a touchdown in the Saints preseason opener versus

Arizona on Thursday night. Meachem did not play last season due to knee problems so he will be flying under the radar at least for a little while longer.




Meachem broke a few tackles and showed some open field moves as he took a short pass over the middle 60 yards for a touchdown. Meachem is currently the 54th wide receiver being selected, but that won’t last long. With Marques Colston still nursing a swollen knee and David Patten listed as the Saints WR2, Meachem is in a great situation to have a breakout season. Oh, yeah, some dude named Brees will be pitching the rock this year for the Saints, I hear he’s pretty good.



Steve Martin from

North Carolina was kind enough to send in reasons 11-20 that Brett Favre wants to play for the Vikings. I know this is a bit outdated, but my therapist says that I’m making progress on my procrastination issues.


#11 – Secretively realizes it’s even a little further away from his wife and in-laws.


#12 – Likes that perfect grass and wants to learn how to get it like that in



#13 – Believes he’ll learn to scramble like “Tark” just being near those fans.


#14 – Can’t wait to moon the “Pack” once he leaves town.


#15 – Like all oldies can’t stand the frozen tundra but won’t admit it.


#16 – Wants to be able to go the store and buy products without his mug on them.


#17 – The uniform colors match the bruises he now receives just running into his nightstand looking for his glasses.


#18 – Believes he can find the filling he lost near the 20-yard-line six years ago.


#19 – Heard there was an indoor golf facility within walking distance.


#20 – Can cross the border easily to play in some CFL games during bye weeks.


Thank you, Steve.




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