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Welcome to The Lowdown for Week  11. This is my little corner of the fantasy football universe — feel free to pull up a chair and stay a while!

MVP Race

OK, I’ll admit it: I’m short on relevant subjects this week. You know what professional writers do when they’re short on relevant material? We invent an interesting topic, pretend that’s what people want to read about, then put some words down.

So who is the front-runner for the MVP award this season? It’s a tough call, but as of right now my ballot would include five names: Todd Gurley, Alvin Kamara, Drew Brees, Patrick Mahomes and Khalil Mack. Now, there’s always the debate of how to judge for MVP candidates: is it pure dominance? Or is it the player without whom a successful team would not be successful? For the most part, I think most voters drift towards the “dominant” mindset– I mean, how can you have an MVP from a last-place team? For my part, I try to balance the two; I try to select a player who is not only dominant, but also key to his team’s success.

Given my view of the definition of MVP, my list of five gets whittled down to three players: Gurley, Brees and Mack. As good as Kamara and Mahomes have been thus far, I think their respective teams would still be in playoff contention in their absence. I think that if he stays healthy the rest of the way and his team makes the playoffs, the player most deserving of the MVP would be Mack. Anyone watching the Bears understands the effect, the lift that team gets when Mack is on the field… it’s undeniable.

Having said that, Mack isn’t winning the MVP– only two defensive players have been named MVP since 1957 (Alan Page, Lawrence Taylor), so I’m not holding my breath– even though he probably deserves it. That leaves us with Brees and Gurley. Both Brees and Gurley are the key to their teams’ success, and both are putting up some great numbers… but I think that Brees gets the nod. It’s human nature to favor the future Hall of Famer nearing the end of his illustrious career, especially in a season where he breaks one or two career passing records– who shockingly has never won an MVP award.

Much like the Academy Awards, there’s a desire to look good to future generations of voters by awarding a great veteran player like Brees the MVP.


And Now For Something Completely Different

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