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The Lowdown – Week 14

Welcome to The Lowdown for Week 14. This is my little corner of the fantasy football universe — feel free to pull up a chair and stay a while!

Speed Kills

This past week was particularly annoying to me. Thanks to our towering lurch of a mayor, the Hon. Bill de Blasio, all the traffic cameras have been set to issue speeding tickets at 25 miles per hour. Now, I realize some of my readers have the misfortune of living in the wasteland known as “Not New York City”, so you may not find a 25 MPH within city limits to be a burden, but that’s because your city operates at no more than 80% of the speed of NYC… Look, I’ve averaged two speeding tickets a week ever since de Blasio decided to enforce this 25 MPH speed limit. I usually get ticketed for doing between 35-37 MPH. Apparently, this creep de Blasio plans to close NYC’s budget gap on the back of my speeding tickets.

Do you know why I keep getting ticketed for speeding? Because much like efficient government, a penalty-free NFL game, and Lena Dunham in a thong, driving 25 MPH is an unnatural state of affairs. I swear to you people, I really try not to speed; not because I think it’s the right thing to do, but because those $50 tickets add up… but try as I might, I can’t. It’s almost as if I have a lot of things to do and driving at a speed slower than Tyler Lockett returns punts is extremely counter-productive…

There’s only one of two ways this situation resolves itself: either I give myself a stroke trying to comply to this ridiculous directive, or I go on welfare due to all the tickets. Either way, you can be sure you’ll be hearing about it in this column.


Interesting Players for Week 14

If you’re interested, here is the list of the Top 10 at each offensive position (along with a relative value) for this weekend’s games. Use it to gauge how two players compare. For example, if Tom Brady has an Fantasy Football Ranking System (FFRS) of 40 this week and Derek Carr has a 30, then you should think of Brady as being a 33% stronger play than Carr this week. Use these FFRS for standard fantasy leagues for waivers or lineup decisions; in daily leagues use the relative nature of the FFRS to gauge dollar values between players.

Good luck! (Points per reception scoring is used for the FFRS rankings below)

Top 10 QB Plays:

  1. Tom Brady, NEP (vs. HOU) – 23.30
  2. Cam Newton, CAR (vs. ATL) – 21.67
  3. Tyrod Taylor, BUF (vs. PHI) – 20.62
  4. Andy Dalton, CIN (vs. PIT) – 20.56
  5. Blake Bortles, JAC (vs. IND) – 20.12
  6. Russell Wilson, SEA (vs. BAL) – 20.03
  7. Drew Brees, NOS (vs. TBB) – 19.71
  8. Jameis Winston, TBB (vs. NOS) – 19.47
  9. Aaron Rodgers, GBP (vs. DAL) – 19.47
  10. Marcus Mariota, TEN (vs. NYJ) – 19.40

Winston and Mariota continue to impress. I still like Mariota for the long term, but I have to admit that Winston has been pretty impressive the past few weeks…

Top 10 RB Plays:

  1. Devonta Freeman, ATL (vs. CAR) – 22.58
  2. Doug Martin, TBB (vs. NOS) – 18.97
  3. Matt Forte, CHI (vs. WAS) – 18.19
  4. LeSean McCoy, BUF (vs. PHI) – 18.16
  5. Lamar Miller, MIA (vs. NYG) – 18.05
  6. Todd Gurley, STL (vs. DET) – 17.02
  7. Latavius Murray, OAK (vs. DEN) – 16.43
  8. DeMarco Murray, PHI (vs. BUF) – 16.31
  9. Chris Ivory, NYJ (vs. TEN) – 16.29
  10. T.J. Yeldon, JAC (vs. IND) – 16.21

I’ll be keeping an eye on Shady McCoy, because I secretly hope for him to make Chip Kelly suffer… I like Yeldon for folks in Dynasty leagues. He’s the clear workhorse in Jacksonville, and he figures to only get better as the Jags’ young offense begins to gel in the coming seasons. As it is, Yeldon is straddling that RB1/RB2 ranking– largely due to the fact that he dominates the RB touches for the Jaguars.

Top 10 WR Plays:

  1. DeAndre Hopkins, HOU (vs. NEP) – 25.70
  2. Odell Beckham, NYG (vs. MIA) – 25.66
  3. Allen Robinson, JAC (vs. IND) – 25.25
  4. Antonio Brown, PIT (vs. CIN) – 24.94
  5. A.J. Green, CIN (vs. PIT) – 23.90
  6. Brandon Marshall, NYJ (vs. TEN) – 23.57
  7. Alshon Jeffery, CHI (vs. WAS) – 23.12
  8. Jarvis Landry, MIA (vs. NYG) – 22.58
  9. Sammy Watkins, BUF (vs. PHI) – 22.15
  10. Doug Baldwin, SEA (vs. BAL) – 21.37

Doug Baldwin is a sneaky fantasy playoff pick, and he might still be available in a few leagues out there… it’s a damn shame that fantasy scoring systems can’t give bonuses for the catches Beckham pulls off each week. Looks like Tyrod Taylor finally went to the meeting where they told him to get the ball to Sammy Watkins. A lot.

Top 10 TE Plays:

  1. Tyler Eifert, CIN (vs. PIT) – 14.79
  2. Greg Olsen, CAR (vs. ATL) – 14.70
  3. Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TBB (vs. NOS) – 14.70
  4. Delanie Walker, TEN (vs. NYJ) – 14.06
  5. Jordan Reed, WAS (vs. CHI) – 13.89
  6. Antonio Gates, SDC (vs. KCC) – 13.36
  7. Travis Kelce, KCC (vs. SDC) – 12.76
  8. Ben Watson, NOS (vs. TBB) – 11.99
  9. Jason Witten, DAL (vs. GBP) – 11.68
  10. Julius Thomas, JAC (vs. IND) – 11.35

Much to they joy of his mom and our own Tom Casale, Seferian-Jenkins finally managed to get into an NFL game… don’t look now, but Julius Thomas is relevant again.

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