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Welcome to “The Lowdown” for Week  15. This is my little corner of the fantasy football universe — feel free to pull up a chair and stay a while!

Random Thoughts

I was tweeting back and forth with my ol’ buddy Thomas Casale during the week, and we came to the conclusion that the Giants shan’t be drafting a QB early next year. They’ll either roll with Eli Manning one more season, or make a play for a veteran QB. Some of the names you hear are Teddy Bridgewater and Derek Carr (via a trade)– but we both think that Joe Flacco would be the guy that’s the best fit for this offense (if he’s cut by the Ravens, which he should be). Flacco’s big arm would play well in getting the ball deep to Odell Beckham Jr. and on deep seam passes to Evan Engram… hey, can anyone explain to me how George Kittle can have 210 yards receiving at halftime, and finish the game with… 210 yards receiving? I mean, nobody could figure out how to get Kittle a screen pass or something, just to get him the five measly yards he needed to set the record for TE receiving yards in a game? Really, that’s mind-boggling… I’ve come to the conclusion that Charissa Thompson has totally sapped my enjoyment in watching NFL Game Day Prime. The only question in my mind right now is who I dislike more, her or Cris Collinsworth… Ordinarily, I’d say that a team with an offense like the Ravens, being led by a rookie QB that can’t throw the ball (Lamar Jackson), wouldn’t have a chance to go deep into the playoffs; but with a dominating defense, I think that the Ravens can get into, and go deep into, the playoffs. Jackson just needs to take better care of the ball– and if he does, would this Ravens team be all that different than the Ravens squad that won Super Bowl 35 with Trent Dilfer under center? I don’t think the 2018 Ravens can win it all, but I can see them getting past the first round…


Keeping it Going

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