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Welcome to The Lowdown for Week 16. This is my little corner of the fantasy football universe — feel free to pull up a chair and stay a while!

Fantasy Sharks Cares about YOU!

This past weekend, I got an email from Sharks’ management giving me a bit of grief over the fact that my Lowdown submissions have been a bit tardy lately. In fact, Week 15’s submission was so tardy, it wasn’t published at all. To prove its point, management forwarded some members’ email complaining about the Lowdown’s tardiness.

So, it’s time to pull back the curtain a bit here… I’m exhausted. I’m over 50 years old, over 300 lbs, most of my body parts are either broken or reconstructed, and for the past 30 years the most sleep I’ve gotten in any given night is four hours. My day gig is a great one, but it has me constantly flying to third-world countries like Kansas, Minnesota and Kentucky. I’d love to quit, but that job pays me enough to be on the Democrats’ hit list– so you know my wife would rather kill me for the insurance money than let me quit that gig.

The end result is that on occasion I miss a deadline. Ordinarily I really couldn’t care less about missing the occasional deadline, because (a) I’ve stopped deluding myself that I have anything new to offer the industry any more, and (b) I figured there’s too many good writers and analysts at Sharks for anyone to care about my work. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that Tony Holm and the gang thought enough of my work to offer me a gig here– but… we all know when we’ve lost a step. Did you ever hear how the great Joe Louis knew it was time to hang them up? After winning a fight late in his career via KO, a reporter asked him about the fight. Louis said “I know it’s time to retire, boys… I saw an opening in his defense, then threw the KO punch”. The stunned reporter followed up by asking “But if you saw the opening and then knocked him out, why retire, Champ?”. Louis responded “Because in my prime, the punch would’ve been thrown before I saw the opening.” Same with me… I never had to plan what I was going to write about; it just spilled out of my head onto the screen.

But no more excuses– just an apology for missing last week’s submission, and a promise to finish out these two weeks on time and strong. Once the season is concluded, I’ll take the off-season to figure out if this season will be my  swan song. I might even give my old pal Thomas Casale a call and see if he has any advice for me… I mean, he’s been retiring since the day I met him 15 years ago.


Interesting Players for This Week

Straight from the flawless algorithms of Mighty Max come the top match-ups at every offensive position for this weekend’s games…


  1. Russell Wilson – SEA (vs. DAL) : 100.00
  2. Alex Smith – KCC (vs. MIA) : 88.42
  3. Ben Roethlisberger – PIT (vs. HOU) : 82.16
  4. Tom Brady – NEP (vs. BUF) : 80.18
  5. Kirk Cousins – WAS (vs. DEN) : 80.03
  6. Matthew Stafford – DET (vs. CIN) : 78.67
  7. Drew Brees – NOS (vs. ATL) : 78.28
  8. Philip Rivers – LAC (vs. NYJ) : 77.70
  9. Dak Prescott – DAL (vs. SEA) : 76.07
  10. Case Keenum – MIN (vs. GBP) : 75.67
  11. Blake Bortles – JAC (vs. SFO) : 75.58
  12. Jared Goff – LAR (vs. TEN) : 74.83
  13. Tyrod Taylor – BUF (vs. NEP) : 71.52
  14. Jameis Winston – TBB (vs. CAR) : 69.37
  15. Derek Carr – OAK (vs. PHI) : 67.39

If you’ve made it this far into the FFL season, I have to assume that you’ve got your starter at quarterback; streaming quarterbacks and making it to your FFL Championship rounds is rare and only accomplished by 8th-dan ninjas. So I’ll just point out that the best quarterback over the past month has probably been Blake Bortles, with Case Keenum not too far behind. Don’t be afraid to start the guys that got you this far.

Running Backs

  1. Todd Gurley – LAR (vs. TEN) : 100.00
  2. Le’Veon Bell – PIT (vs. HOU) : 96.67
  3. Kareem Hunt – KCC (vs. MIA) : 85.81
  4. Leonard Fournette – JAC (vs. SFO) : 79.79
  5. Mark Ingram – NOS (vs. ATL) : 79.44
  6. Melvin Gordon – LAC (vs. NYJ) : 76.94
  7. Christian McCaffrey – CAR (vs. TBB) : 70.19
  8. Ezekiel Elliott – DAL (vs. SEA) : 68.03
  9. Alvin Kamara – NOS (vs. ATL) : 62.65
  10. Devonta Freeman – ATL (vs. NOS) : 62.07
  11. Carlos Hyde – SFO (vs. JAC) : 59.57
  12. Lamar Miller – HOU (vs. PIT) : 58.72
  13. LeSean McCoy – BUF (vs. NEP) : 57.41
  14. Jordan Howard – CHI (vs. CLE) : 56.62
  15. DeMarco Murray – TEN (vs. LAR) : 53.74

Zeke Elliott makes his way back to the field this week. You have to discount Elliott’s match-up a little bit due to his time spent away  from the game, but he still should get the majority of touches against the Seahawks… of the guys not named Gurley, Bell or Hunt, Jordan Howard looks like someone that has an opportunity to outperform his season averages.

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