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The Lowdown – Week 4

Welcome to The Lowdown for Week 4. This is my little corner of the fantasy football universe — feel free to pull up a chair and stay a while!

Sitting is now Dangerous

Well, this week got off to a great start: on Monday, I was sitting down to enjoy my lunch when in the course of sitting I accidentally sat on my testicles. Yes, you read that correctly: I sat on my own testicles. See, I’m just checking off all the items on the list of Growing Old. Loss of mental acuity, check. Waking up to go to the bathroom 12 times a night, check. Eyesight shot to hell, check.

Now, I can add Sitting On Your Own Balls to the list. Check. Don’t be surprised next week if all 16 of you come here and find an obituary instead of a crappy fantasy football article.

Interesting Players for Week 4

If you’re interested, here is the list of the top 10 at each offensive position (along with a relative value) for this weekends games. Use it to gauge how two players compare. For example, if Tom Brady has an FFRS of 44 this week and Derek Carr has a 33, then you should think of Brady as being a 33% stronger play than Carr this week. Use these FFRS for standard fantasy leagues for waivers or lineup decisions; in DFS leagues use the relative nature of the FFRS to gauge dollar values between players.

Good luck! (PPR scoring is used for the FFRS rankings below)

Top 10 QB Plays:

  1. Aaron Rodgers (vs. SFO) – 34.32
  2. Alex Smith (vs. Cin) – 34.04
  3. Tyrod Taylor (vs. NYG) – 32.47
  4. Andy Dalton (vs. KCC) – 32.17
  5. Derek Carr (vs. Chi) – 29.71
  6. Cam Newton (vs. TBB) – 29.13
  7. Eli Manning (vs. Buf) – 29.10
  8. Matthew Stafford (vs. Sea) – 28.54
  9. Blake Bortles (vs. Ind) – 28.50
  10. Ryan Tannehill (vs. NYJ) – 27.97
Oakland QB Derek Carr.

Derek Carr looks like a really good value play this week. He’s been getting better with each game, as well as being surrounded by some quality players. What can I say, Andy Dalton is performing exactly like I had predicted in a pre-season Fantasy Forecast. Yes, I’m gloating: I’m not right all that often, so I enjoy myself immensely when I am. Undignified? Perhaps. Fun? Absolutely!

Top 10 RB Plays:

  1. Carlos Hyde (vs. GBP) – 35.64
  2. Latavius Murray (vs. Chi) – 35.62
  3. Melvin Gordon (vs. Cle) – 35.58
  4. Joseph Randle (vs. NOS) – 34.39
  5. T.J. Yeldon (vs. Ind) – 33.28
  6. Danny Woodhead (vs. Cle) – 33.15
  7. Rashad Jennings (vs. Buf) – 32.77
  8. Mark Ingram (vs. Dal) – 32.50
  9. C.J. Anderson (vs. Min) – 32.48
  10. Adrian Peterson (vs. Den) – 32.11-0

Rookie RB T.J. Yeldon looks good here, mostly because the Jags plan to use him almost exclusively for the running game. Don’t worry about his YPC numbers: the Jags will want to grind it out against the Colts. Those “three yards and a cloud of dust” plays add up… the yards, not the dust.

Top 10 WR Plays:

  1. Torrey Smith (vs. GBP) – 45.44
  2. Allen Robinson (vs. Ind) – 44.55
  3. Donte Moncrief (vs. Jac) – 43.11
  4. Amari Cooper (vs. Chi) – 42.81
  5. Mike Evans (vs. Car) – 42.50
  6. Andrew Hawkins (vs. SDC) – 42.45
  7. Travis Benjamin (vs. SDC) – 41.68
  8. Anquan Boldin (vs. GBP) – 41.36
  9. Golden Tate (vs. Sea) –    41.12
  10. Brandon  Marshall (vs. Mia) – 39.76

Both 49ers receivers look like good plays, considering they’re likely to see a lot of targets as San Francisco will likely fall behind the Packers early.

Top 10 TE Plays:

  1. Mychal Rivera (vs. Chi) – 26.73
  2. Larry Donnell (vs. Buf) – 24.22
  3. Charles Clay (vs. NYG) – 23.39
  4. Eric Ebron (vs. Sea) – 22.88
  5. Jimmy Graham (vs. Det) – 22.63
  6. Ben Watson (vs. Dal) – 22.25
  7. Jordan Reed (vs. Phi) – 20.73
  8. Travis Kelce (vs. Cin) – 18.61
  9. Tyler Eifert (vs. KCC) – 18.23
  10. Kyle Rudolph (vs. Den) – 17.87

Jordan Reed is a player I’ve had my eye the past couple of weeks and if the hurricane allows, he should be a factor against the Eagles.

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