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Welcome to The Lowdown for Week 7. This is my little corner of the fantasy football universe — feel free to pull up a chair and stay a while!

It’s Been a Rough Week

Apologies for the tardiness of my column this week. I’ve been caught up in some exciting new ventures which have me working crazy long hours, and every time I sat down to write this week’s Lowdown, I ended up passing out at my desk.

So by way of apology to the 14 people who actually read this nonsense every week (12, if you don’t count my mom and agent), I took the extra time to come up with a new way to target potential players using the Consistency Rankings (see Page 2).

How you use the Consistency Rankings is up to you, but I would hope you would use them for personal gain, and not some misguided responsibility to benefit society.

Interesting Players for Week

Not necessarily the players in line for the biggest games this week, but rather some players that caught my interest and upon whom I shall cast my gaze …


Great to see Matt Ryan playing so well thus far in the season. I was able to nab Ryan as my QB in several of my leagues this season, so I’ve been doing well in those cases. Having Tevin Coleman and Devonte Freeman in the backfield is part of the reason for his success, but if you’ve been watching Falcons’ games, you can see that he’s playing with a lot more confidence and swagger. Good to see the old Matty Ice under center again.

  1. Tom Brady, NEP (vs. Pit) – 43.99
  2. Matt Ryan, ATL (vs. SDC) – 43.78
  3. Andy Dalton, CIN (vs. CLE) – 41.71
  4. Philip Rivers, SDC (vs. Atl) – 41.45
  5. Kirk Cousins, WAS (vs. Det) – 41.22
  6. Drew Brees, NOS (vs. KCC) – 40.34
  7. Blake Bortles, JAC (vs. Oak) – 39.98
  8. Marcus Mariota, TEN (vs. Ind) – 38.02
  9. Derek Carr, OAK (vs. JAC) – 37.99
  10. Jameis Winston, TBB (vs. SFO) – 36.33



Spencer Ware? Doesn’t Mighty Max know that Jamaal Charles is back? Do not fear! Max knows Charles is back, but he’s also listed as hurt and Ware has proven himself on the field. Ware will continue to get the goal line carries and his share of totes. If you’re the type of fantasy owner who believes in RB handcuffs (I don’t), then you’ll be thrilled to see the entirety of the Falcons’ RB timeshare in the Top 10.

  1. DeMarco Murray, TEN (vs. Ind) – 52.26
  2. Devonta Freeman, ATL (vs. SDC) – 47.64
  3. Melvin Gordon, SDC (vs. Atl) – 47.50
  4. LeGarrette Blount, NEP (vs. Pit) – 44.31
  5. Spencer Ware, KCC (vs. NOS) – 43.96
  6. Le’Veon Bell, PIT (vs. NEP) – 41.76
  7. David Johnson, ARI (vs. Sea) – 41.39
  8. Tevin Coleman, ATL (vs. SDC) – 40.44
  9. Lamar Miller, HOU (vs. Den) – 39.94
  10. Isaiah Crowell, CLE (vs. Cin) – 38.63



Love the Allen Robinson ranking for this week. The Raiders defense has been the prescription for ailing passing games this season, and the Jags will need to rely on their aerial attack if they hope to emerge victorious. I would start Brandon Marshall with confidence this week, but I would also take a look to see if new starting QB Geno Smith has a differing opinion on who the Jets’ best receiver might be…

  1. Odell Beckham, NYG (vs. RAM) – 61.52
  2. Amari Cooper, OAK (vs. JAC) – 58.00
  3. Julio Jones, ATL (vs. SDC) – 57.20
  4. Brandin Cooks, NOS (vs. KCC) – 57.00
  5. Allen Robinson, JAC (vs. Oak) – 56.56
  6. A.J. Green, CIN (vs. CLE) – 55.82
  7. Antonio Brown, PIT (vs. NEP) – 54.80
  8. Brandon Marshall, NYJ (vs. Bal) – 54.74
  9. Mike Evans, TBB (vs. SFO) – 53.98
  10. Kenny Britt, RAM (vs. NYG) – 53.85



Two weeks ago, I told you that I wasn’t quite ready to anoint C.J. Fiedorowicz as a TE1 play, despite his making Max’s Top 10 list. Well, I’ve once again proven why you should listen to my supercomputer instead of me– since Max recommended the guy, he’s gotten 20 targets in three games, producing a 14-194-2 stat line, for an average of nearly 15 PPR points per game.

  1. Travis Kelce, KCC (vs. NOS) – 25.09
  2. Delanie Walker, TEN (vs. Ind) – 24.94
  3. Rob Gronkowski, NEP (vs. Pit) – 24.72
  4. Dennis Pitta, BAL (vs. NYJ) – 23.60
  5. Gary Barnidge, CLE (vs. Cin) – 23.47
  6. Cameron Brate, TBB (vs. SFO) – 22.70
  7. Jesse James, PIT (vs. NEP) – 20.63
  8. Jacob Tamme, ATL (vs. SDC) – 20.18
  9. Coby Fleener, NOS (vs. KCC) – 19.53
  10. C.J. Fiedorowicz, HOU (vs. Den) – 19.19


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