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Welcome to The Lowdown for Week 8. This is my little corner of the fantasy football universe — feel free to pull up a chair and stay a while!

It Was a Good Week

Every once in a while, I have a good week. It doesn’t happen often enough for me to be removed from the “cantankerous old guy” category– that would require divine intervention, but it was a good week by most standards.

First, I was able to hoodwink Tony Holm and Jim Bukowski into thinking that you wanted a whole column devoted to Consistency Rankings. Basically that means that I took the same column I wrote every week,  split it in two and… BINGO! Double pay rate! Now I can afford to get fries.

Second, my favorite Thai joint near my office shut down on Monday. Normally, I’d just chalk that up to the ‘ol Georgopoulos misfortune; but not this week! Being forced to look for a new place to maintain my thrice-weekly Dunken Noodles habit yielded an even better Thai restaurant– and this one doesn’t even have anyone who speaks English working in the place. So you just know the food is authentic. Also, I think my last order of Dunken Noodles came with an offer for a massage “backstairs,” but I’m not 100% certain of that.

Third, I made three last-second changes to my lineups on Sunday– which usually results in regret-filled Mondays– but this time, every move worked perfectly and I ended up winning all the games due to the changes:

Finally, I convinced my wife to forgo the Halloween festivities this year! Halloween is one of those holidays I can’t stand; every year, the wife throws litter on the front lawn so it can look “spooky” to non-existent neighborhood children, she forces our son to don some ridiculous outfit, buys a ton of candy that inevitably finds its way down my gullet, and– this is the best part– she tries in vain to get me to go to a costume party thrown by one of her dopey, enabling friends (which just gets her mad at me for not going with her). But not this time; Halloween is no longer on the official Georgopoulos list of observed holidays.

And to think, Halloween is gone after only 23 years of marriage and constant bickering over the issue.

It really was a good week!


Interesting Players for Week

Not necessarily the players in line for the biggest games this week, but rather some players that caught my interest and upon whom I shall cast my gaze …


OK, don’t forget that there’s five teams on bye this week, which explains Brock Osweiler being on this list.

  1. Aaron Rodgers, GBP (vs. Atl) – 43.35
  2. Matt Ryan, ATL (vs. GBP) – 39.38
  3. Jameis Winston, TBB (vs. Oak) – 39.35
  4. Kirk Cousins, WAS (vs. Cin) – 39.13
  5. Tom Brady, NEP (vs. Buf) – 38.64
  6. Cam Newton, CAR (vs. Ari) – 37.51
  7. Brock Osweiler, HOU (vs. Det) – 36.75
  8. Tyrod Taylor, BUF (vs. NEP) – 35.85
  9. Alex Smith, KCC (vs. Ind) – 35.45
  10. Matthew Stafford, DET (vs. Hou) – 34.69


  1. Ryan Mathews, PHI (vs. Dal) – 42.60
  2. Melvin Gordon, SDC (vs. Den) – 42.35
  3. Spencer Ware, KCC (vs. Ind) – 40.68
  4. Devonta Freeman, ATL (vs. GBP) – 40.52
  5. David Johnson, ARI (vs. Car) – 39.12
  6. Theo Riddick, DET (vs. Hou) – 37.02
  7. Jordan Howard, CHI (vs. Min) – 36.13
  8. Frank Gore, IND (vs. KCC) – 36.01
  9. Darren Sproles, PHI (vs. Dal) – 35.41
  10. LeGarrette Blount, NEP (vs. Buf) – 34.90


  1. T.Y. Hilton, IND (vs. KCC) – 63.19
  2. Mike Evans, TBB (vs. Oak) – 62.47
  3. Stefon Diggs, MIN (vs. Chi) – 59.52
  4. Julio Jones, ATL (vs. GBP) – 57.31
  5. Larry Fitzgerald, ARI (vs. Car) – 55.60
  6. Doug Baldwin, SEA (vs. NOS) – 54.45
  7. DeAndre Hopkins, HOU (vs. Det) – 53.56
  8. Jordy Nelson, GBP (vs. Atl) – 52.47
  9. Jordan Matthews, PHI (vs. Dal) – 51.28
  10. Rishard Matthews, TEN (vs. JAC) – 51.26
  11. Kelvin Benjamin, CAR (vs. Ari) – 48.76


Eventually, Zach Ertz should have a productive fantasy outing, right? I mean, it’s just the law of averages…

  1. Travis Kelce, KCC (vs. Ind) – 26.57
  2. C.J. Fiedorowicz, HOU (vs. Det) – 25.22
  3. Greg Olsen, CAR (vs. Ari) – 23.57
  4. Jimmy Graham, SEA (vs. NOS) – 23.54
  5. Cameron Brate, TBB (vs. Oak) – 23.42
  6. Zach Ertz, PHI (vs. Dal) – 23.02
  7. Gary Barnidge, CLE (vs. NYJ) – 22.92
  8. Jordan Reed, WAS (vs. Cin) – 21.86
  9. Zach Miller, CHI (vs. Min) – 21.37
  10. Kyle Rudolph, MIN (vs. Chi) – 21.15

Teams on bye this week: Baltimore, Los Angeles, Miami, New York Giants, Pittsburgh, San Francisco.

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