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Welcome to The Lowdown for Week 9. This is my little corner of the fantasy football universe — feel free to pull up a chair and stay a while!

Houston: City of Peaks and Valleys

If you’re a rabid sports fan in Houston, you must be one emotionally-drained mutt this week: after an exciting World Series that ended up with your Astros winning their first championship, you had to deal with the future of your NFL franchise (QB Deshaun Watson) having his season prematurely ended due to a torn ACL incurred on a non-contact play in practice. Not only was Watson in the lead for Rookie of the Year, I honestly feel that if the Texans made a deep playoff run, Watson should have merited MVP consideration.

Anyway, I have no advice here for Texans fans. It sucks, there’s nothing you can do about it– other than cheer your team on, even in the face of Tom Savage pretending he’s an NFL starter.

Speaking of Pretending

Did you notice how President Trump didn’t have much to say about the players’ protest in Seattle last week? Could it be because the Texans and Seahawks put on one heck of a show? I know it should be obvious to everyone, but I’ll say it again: players kneeling has nothing to do with lower ratings, despite what our modest President may tweet. It all had to do with more non-competitive games and (in my opinion) Thursday Night Football.

Teams on Bye this week: Bears, Browns, Chargers, Patriots, Steelers, Vikings.

Interesting Players for This Week

Straight from the flawless algorithms of Mighty Max come the top match-ups at every offensive position for this weekend’s games…


  1. Russell Wilson – SEA (vs. WAS) : 100.00
  2. Alex Smith – KCC (vs. DAL) : 96.97
  3. Dak Prescott – DAL (vs. KCC) : 96.50
  4. Carson Wentz – PHI (vs. DEN) : 92.32
  5. Kirk Cousins – WAS (vs. SEA) : 87.80
  6. Drew Brees – NOS (vs. TBB) : 81.16
  7. Matthew Stafford – DET (vs. GBP) : 78.47
  8. Cam Newton – CAR (vs. ATL) : 74.34
  9. Jared Goff – LAR (vs. NYG) : 71.04
  10. Matt Ryan – ATL (vs. CAR) : 68.73
  11. Marcus Mariota – TEN (vs. BAL) : 66.82
  12. Derek Carr – OAK (vs. MIA) : 65.90

Russell Wilson is doing his usual second-half surge, and I see no reason why I should believe the Redskins are going to stop him this week… the KC-Dallas game features several intriguing offensive pairings, most prominent of which is Alex Smith and Dak Prescott. Both QBs were viewed as conservative game managers, but have started to open it up a bit in 2017; both move well in the pocket and can use their legs to move the chains, both are great leaders… with the Giants’ top corner (Janoris Jenkins) suspended for the game, Jared Goff should have the opportunity to put up some numbers in NJ– if he can avoid that West Coast hangover.

Running Backs

  1. Todd Gurley – LAR (vs. NYG) : 100.00
  2. Leonard Fournette – JAC (vs. CIN) : 92.79
  3. Kareem Hunt – KCC (vs. DAL) : 91.29
  4. Mark Ingram – NOS (vs. TBB) : 74.58
  5. Lamar Miller – HOU (vs. IND) : 69.15
  6. Aaron Jones – GBP (vs. DET) : 64.10
  7. Devonta Freeman – ATL (vs. CAR) : 64.02
  8. Carlos Hyde – SFO (vs. ARI) : 63.60
  9. Christian McCaffrey – CAR (vs. ATL) : 62.39
  10. Chris Thompson – WAS (vs. SEA) : 57.96
  11. Doug Martin – TBB (vs. NOS) : 54.52
  12. DeMarco Murray – TEN (vs. BAL) : 51.24
  13. C.J. Anderson – DEN (vs. PHI) : 49.60
  14. Alvin Kamara – NOS (vs. TBB) : 48.50
  15. Joe Mixon – CIN (vs. JAC) : 43.31
  16. Ameer Abdullah – DET (vs. GBP) : 42.94
  17. Frank Gore – IND (vs. HOU) : 41.96
  18. Javorius Allen – BAL (vs. TEN) : 39.33
  19. Ty Montgomery – GBP (vs. DET) : 39.26
  20. Orleans Darkwa – NYG (vs. LAR) : 36.75
  21. Tevin Coleman – ATL (vs. CAR) : 36.41
  22. LeGarrette Blount – PHI (vs. DEN) : 36.21
  23. Adrian Peterson – ARI (vs. SFO) : 34.64
  24. Alex Collins – BAL (vs. TEN) : 33.37
  25. Wayne Gallman – NYG (vs. LAR) : 33.14

Interesting that Saints’ RB Mark Ingram shakes out at #4 this week, but in reality he may have lost coach Sean Payton’s confidence after losing two fumbles last week against the Bears…until QB Brett Hundley finds a groove, the Packers will need to rely on the run game, which should mean plenty of touches for Aaron Jones and Ty Montgomery… Ravens RB Alex Collins owns a sparkling yards per carry (6.0, tops in the NFL among qualifying runners), so if the Ravens staff decides he can handle the load Collins may end up being quite the waiver wire steal.

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