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Lundy’s Top 10 At 11 (Week 13 edition)

Well Thanksgiving is over and I am ready to roll off the Top 10 teams in the league. (Yes I know, I can’t count, but let’s move on.) I just woke up from a long tryptophan hibernation from the combination of eating too much and those boring games on television. I even slept through Sunday’s games and I was told that my 49ers actually won a game. Well, that is just great, the Niners win and I was asleep when it happened. That’s how it goes, sometimes. As the season comes down the stretch, we have a pretty good idea on who is good and who isn’t. My team isn’t … But, I promise I have not let that get me down. In fact, I think this is one of the most exciting seasons in a long, long time. This also just in, I am not a very good liar, so lets move on to the only Top 10 that goes to 11 (Again, I can’t count.)


Perhaps, I haven’t made myself too clear the last couple of times I have written this, so here it goes again. This is not a ranking of playoff teams or who I think will make the playoffs. This ranking has nothing to do with the past or the franchise history or their preconceived hype. Although by this time in the season that should be apparent that you should know who is good and who isn’t. However, I am not sure some of you are getting it so; here it is in a nutshell. This is just a ranking of the Top 10 (11) teams on how they have played so far through Week 13. Got it? Good, Now on to the Top Ten at 11.


New York Giants

No surprise here as the Giants once again went into enemy territory and completely raped the Redskins. Even though some members (or ex-members, as the case may be) like to do so, you will never ever see the Giants shoot themselves in the foot, or leg, or whatever. In fact, they just keep losing players and keep winning games. We lose Tiki Barber. No problem, we will just win a Super Bowl. We lose Jeremy Shockey, Usi Umenyiora and Michael Strahan. Oh well, we will just go 11-1! Somehow, I do not think they will miss Plaxico Burress.


Tennessee Titans

What happens when a good team such as the Titans loses focus? They slip up against the Jets, and get embarrassed only to motivate them to never let that happen again. Once they were humiliated by the Jets, I just started to feel sorry for the Lions. They never stood a chance. In fact, they might have had a better chance at staying competitive had the Titans still been undefeated. Now, that the have their focus, no one in the AFC is going to beat them. Let’s just hope they keep it.


Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers do not seem to be getting any love these days outside of the state of

Pennsylvania. After witnessing the total destruction of the Patriot offense, I think the winds will begin to change. This team is as real as Iron City Beer is nasty. They are getting back to what they do best: run the ball and knock you the bleep out of you when they are playing defense. James Harrison just had one of those wow performances last week and had a studly IDP showing. If they keep this up, I can’t wait to see them play the Titans. That’s a smashmouth fan’s wet dream



Bay Buccaneers

Perhaps, you are like me and are really not paying attention to this team but it seems they go under the RADAR over the years and this season so far is no exception. I probably couldn’t name five players for the Buckaroos and neither can you. I do know they are 9-3 so somehow, they had to win those games by being pretty darn good. Also, while I am on the subject of the Bucs, am I the only one that liked their old orange uniforms better? If they wore those, I would probably care about them.


Indianapolis Colts

I told you this team was ready to come back and go on one of those streaks that will wreck havoc on most of the teams in the AFC and looked what has happened. They have won five games in a row and are rolling despite not having Jeff Saturday in their lineup. I know it was not that easy last week against the Browns and they should have killed them. But, sometimes it’s better to survive and win and look toward the next game. Just ask the Jets.


Carolina Panthers

After they got spanked by the Falcons, I figured there was no way in tarnation that they would come back and play well against the Packers. This league is so hard to predict sometimes and well, I just didn’t think they had it in them. However, here comes the Buccaneers in a Monday Night showdown. This should be good or of course, The Panthers could falter like they did against

Atlanta. Neither would surprise me at this point.


Atlanta Falcons

I know I have them below the Panthers, but beating my nomination for Coach of the Year (Norv Turner is a football God) really doesn’t impress me much. Sure it was a win on the road but I kinda thought you were going to destroy the Super Chargers and the pristine leadership of the greatest head coach in the history of professional football. Plus, the Panthers do have a better record. For the record, I am the biggest believer in Falcon football that isn’t from

Atlanta and has never worn Falcons gear.


New York Jets

How in the name of Joe Namath do you lose to a Denver Bronco team that is barely toeing the line of respectability and call your self a contender? Put those

New York-New York Super Bowl reservations on hold for just a second until the Jets can prove otherwise. It was a nice run but now I guess it is back to reality for the once highly thought of Jets. It doesn’t get any easier for them as they travel the country and face the upstart 49ers that will be a tough matchup (yes that was sarcasm for the easily gullible.)


Dallas Cowboys

I will put out the disclaimer that I am not a Cowboy fan and honestly, I can’t stand anything about that franchise. That being said, (or written; I don’t really speak when I write these) I will put them at nine for the moment but their outlook does not look good. Sure they killed the 49ers and Seahawks, but those teams suck. Now, the real test begins and we are finally going to witness what frauds the Cowboys are when they start their stretch of tough games against

Pittsburgh. It’s been nice knowing you Big D.


Baltimore Ravens

The main theme of 2008 will be physical football and there is no shortage of it in

Baltimore. This team should really scare the bejezum out of anyone that faces them. Not only do they have their trademark defense, but now they are scoring points. Other than the Giants beatdown they received, over the last six weeks they are averaging 31 points a game. Plus, they are doing this with a rookie QB which is pretty dang impressive.

11. New England Patriots

Say what you will about them getting manhandled by the Steelers, but it seems that

Pittsburgh has been manhandling everyone these days so it is excusable. However, even though they are 11 and Matt Cassel is still pretty darn good, we might want to hold off the holier than thou talk about him and this team.

Cassel is not Brady but is proving to be a good QB in a QB deficient league. Losing to the Steelers only proves that they will be outmatched deep into the playoffs, not that they are a Top 11 team.

Other Notes and Observations that will make appreciate paint-drying voyeurs:

What happened to the Washing ton Redskins? They were the talk of the early season and now what? They can’t score and it seems that the rest of the league has figured out Jason Campbell. This is not good for Clinton Portis owners in the fantasy playoffs.


Denver did to the Jets was impressive but I am still not convinced. They are pretty much going to win their division by default because of the Chargers and Coach of the Year candidate Norv Turner made it so.

If the suspensions go through, the Vikings are in deep doo doo. The Bears are not playing well and if the Packers can get on a roll they might have a shot at coming back and winning that division, but they have to actually start winning games.

So, Eagle fans, do you still want to replace McNabb with Kevin Kolb? I will be sure to revisit this next season when Kolb is struggling and McNabb is winning elsewhere.

Feel Free to Disagree and make fun of me.


As always, if you have any hate mail, fan mail, complaints, death threats, or if you just want to drop a line telling me how awesome I am; e-mail me at


. I might even answer some of your deepest darkest fantasy questions as long as it is about football.

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