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Lundy’s Top 10 at 11 (Week 4)

Before I start the greatest Top 10 in the history of the interwebs, I need to get something off my chest. It has come to my attention, or maybe I just started paying attention, that some people are way over thinking this fantasy football thing. I actually had IMs, PMs, e-mails and tweets asking me whether or not to start Brian Westbrook. Hello! He was on a bye. Gee whiz, people, fantasy football is not that hard. I am starting to read certain things about whether or not to start this guy because of the matchup and the weather or whether or not the pigeons are flying over the stadium causing a bird eclipse that will not let him catch the ball because of lack of light. I have never seen so much over-analysis in my life because people are looking for some kind of false hope or edge. I have to just shake my head and do a face palm. You want to know how to do well in fantasy football.

Keep It Simple Stupid.

I have found in my experience that if you play your best players, you will do better more often than not. Yes, that is all there is to it. Play the best players you have. There is no need ever to bench players like Andre Johnson unless it is a bye, which brings me to my other point: at least look at the schedule if you are going to ask me questions about players so I don’t have to give you a sarcastic response. It is really that simple. Don’t over think and play your best players because 90 percent of a fantasy matchup is luck anyway. The K.I.S.S. method is flawless and if you lose, the team you played either got lucky or had better players and no amount of thinking and analyzing was going to help you anyway.

Now, on to more important things like real football and the Top 10 at 11, which is the most awesome Top 10 you will read ever, at least until next week. For those that need a refresher, I rank the teams according to how they do so far in this season. I do not care about preseason hype or the fact that they could do better based on past season’s glory. This is 2009, not 2008, so it is time to move on. The landscape of the league changes so much from season to season that no matter how much you think you know, you are just a dummy trying to pass the SAT with a calculator missing the nine key. This Top 10 is based on four weeks of games and nothing more. So, how bout we get to it, shall we? And please, keep the snickering to yourselves because I am very sensitive.


New York Giants (4-0)

I guess I finally have to admit that they are the best team as of this point in the season, only because the Baltimore Ravens couldn’t beat the New England Patriots. On a fantasy note, I would personally like to thank Paul Agruso (remember him?) for suggesting to me to take Steve Smith in every fantasy draft I could. He has helped me in more than one fantasy league this year. And because a lot of my receivers are busts, I play Smith no matter what. Remember to keep it simple.


New Orleans Saints (4-0)

Drew Brees is not Superman after all but it doesn’t matter because Pierre Thomas is back with a vengeance. The defense completely confused the rookie quarterback of the Jets and I never even knew the Saints played defense. My question now is how they will do on the road in a cold weather stadium where the B.O. levels are off the charts. However, I will still play Brees and Thomas and not think twice about it because they are my best players (notice the theme here.)


Indianapolis Colts (4-0)

They just keep chugging along. They just keep winning no matter who they play. They have a new coach, a new offensive coordinator (that is if you don’t count Peyton Manning, which I do.), a new defensive coordinator, a new wide receiver and new team cook. They don’t care and neither do I. Personally, as long as they have No. 18 they will keep winning forever. Oh yeah, I never take Manning out of my lineup either unless his opponent is “bye.”


Minnesota Vikings (4-0)

The Vikings are good, that is without a doubt. They have an awesome defense, and Jared Allen is the best pass rusher in the league. The offense has a stout line and the best running back in the league that can make something out of nothing when it suits him and the team. The receivers are developing nicely, and Sidney Rice still has the potential to become a force while Percy Harvin has the speed to take it the distance anytime he has the ball in his hands. The quarterback is overrated, though.


New York Jets (3-1)

After watching the Jets play against the Saints last week, we learned that Mark Sanchez will be good, but he is still a rookie. However, the defense played as well as you could against the offensive assault that is Drew Brees and the Saints. On the road, they could have won this game against one of the leagues better teams. The defense, alone, will keep them in games all year. I have a feeling that this team will not be leaving the top five this season.


Baltimore Ravens (3-1)

Joe Flacco is probably pulling his hair out with all the drops of perfectly placed balls in that closing drive. However, this kid is awesome and the Ravens finally have a franchise quarterback for many years to come. I am sure he is not sending his BFF, Mark Clayton flattering messages for ruining their undefeated season. There are reports that Clayton is still trying to facebook him with no response. Can’t we all just get along?


Denver Broncos (4-0)

I guess it is about time to give the Broncos some respect, but I am not too sure I am sold on them completely. It is a long season and beating the Cowboys isn’t what it used to be. I think

Dallas is overrated, but you have to give the Broncos something for being 4-0. How about a cookie? Also, how bout Mike Nolan? Yes that is the same guy that sucked as coach of the 49ers running the worst defense last year.

8. New

England Patriots (3-1)

Some around these parts are ranking this team higher and even in the Top 10. Not so fast, there Eagar McBeaver. Yes, they did beat a very good Ravens team at home, but this is still the same team that should have lost to the Bills. Yes, I do believe they are getting better every week, but I have to see a performance to wow me. Also, it is possible if Mark Clayton knew how to catch, they would be 1-3. That is how close it is for this team.


Cincinnati Bengals (3-1)

I would have loved to rank these Cardiac Kittens higher, but after the overtime fiasco with the Browns, I can not in my heart do it. They should have killed the Browns, who I think are the worst team in professional football and that includes the CFL too. Since I am coming clean, part of me is rooting for this team. However, they are still 3-1 and one miracle play from 4-0 and that should count for something.


Philadelphia Eagles (2-1)

Good News! The Eagles could be getting Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook back. Of course, I hope none of you started Westbrook in any of your leagues last week. I truly did get a couple of questions about him. I had to laugh. Speaking of fantasy sleepers this year, I have to mention Brent Celek. According to the K.I.S.S method, you should never take him out of your lineup unless what? That’s right; you have a better player like Antonio Gates (I do indeed have that problem and I play Gates. See how easy that was!)


San Francisco 49ers (3-1)

Call me a homer. Call me a

San Francisco apologist. You can call me whatever you want, but what I saw last Sunday was the legal assault and battery of the St. Louis Rams, who may be the second worst team in professional football. This team is a lot like the aforementioned Bengals in that they are one miracle play form being 4-0, and still get no respect. Unlike the Bengals, however, when they play a team they are supposed to beat, they rape and pillage them.

Other notes and stuff that will embarrass my mother and family for generations to come:

The Green Bay Packers will never win with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. He must think he is Big Ben or something because he holds on the ball for too long, but he’s without the physical ability to elude rushers. He may get you fantasy stats but Rodgers is 8-12 as a starter.

Tony Romo and the Cowboys are also overrated. The teams they beat have a collective zero wins. Ouch!

The Chargers are sure wasting their talent by having Norv Turner on their payroll and they are in jeopardy of losing the division to the supposedly divided Denver Broncos.

The season is still young and a lot will change in 13 weeks, that’s all anyone knows. I will just enjoy it and will not try to over-analyze everything I see. Because the more you think you know, the more you realize you know nothing. Just remember in everything you do, to just keep it simple stupid.

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