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Lundy’s Top 10 At 11 (Week 5)

This article almost didn’t happen since I was on suicide
watch after what my beloved 49ers did last Sunday … but more on that later. I
am going to bite the bullet and carry on and give you the greatest Top 10 ever.
It is the only Top 10 that has the audacity to go all the way up to 11. So,
let’s get started. As you may or may not already know, I only go by
performances this year and don’t give in to the hype. Of course since this is
professional football and they actually have a playoff, none of this means
anything. I wonder why they pay me then …


New York
Giants (5-0)

And they just keep rolling on. So far, this season, there
is no doubt: the New York Giants are the best football team in all the land.
They can pass the ball to Steve Smith, who is becoming my favorite player not
playing for

San Francisco.
Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs complement each other quite nicely, but I
think Bradshaw will be the more productive back (free fantasy advice)! The hope
for the Giants is that Eli Manning’s boo-boo doesn’t affect him in the coming


New Orleans
Saints (4-0)

They are still No. 2, and this week they have a chance to
move to No. 1 as they have a showdown with the Giants. I know I am looking
forward to this game. This week, I see Drew Brees going back to his normal ways
by throwing some TDs because the Giants have a tough run defense. I fully
expect them to be at the top of this list after this week, but as someone said
somewhere: “That is why they play the games.”

3. Indianapolis Colts (5-0)

This is starting to become boring as every week, I talk
about how good Peyton Manning is, so this week I will talk about something else
about the Colts …

(The sound of crickets chirping …)

Okay, the fact of the matter is this team should be called
the Peyton Colts or the Indianapolis Mannings, because he is that important.
The sound of Jim Sorgi going back to pass is like Freddy Krueger to Colts fans
– their worst nightmare.


Vikings (5-0)

Of course, if you watch television, listen to the radio or
follow the national coverage of the Vikings, you would think that Favre has a
Manning-like impact on the Vikings. If Brett Favre wasn’t there (like last
year) this team would still go 10-6. Favre says this is the best team he has
been a part of. Gee really? You wouldn’t know it by the way everybody in the
media worships this guy. Jared Allen has a little to do with it, don’t you
think? How about Adrian Peterson? The offensive line? It’s enough to make you
want to root against the Vikings, and I liked them before your royal highness
came aboard.


Broncos (5-0)

As the first four weeks of the season came to be, I would
look into the sky and behold, I saw a vision. Josh McDaniels and Kyle Orton
were looking down on me and smiling. Of course, I ignored it and thought I was
going insane. However, after Week 5, I was struck by lightening. I became a
witness to their impressive victory over the Patriots, and, all I can say is –
will say those Padres uniforms have to go.


Bengals (4-1)

I have friend who is a Bengals fan and at first when they
were winning, I felt really great. In fact, I was actually pulling for them. I
told her, before the season even began, that the Bengals would be good, and
will surprise some people. Then, she was hopeful and reserved and I figured she
thought I was full of fecal matter. After five weeks, if I have to hear “Who
Dey?” one more time I am going to either shoot her or hang myself.


Eagles (3-1)

Well, Donavan McNabb is back and did not look rusty at
all. Of course, he was playing against the Buccaneers but we won’t hold that
against them, now will we? Jeremy Maclin finally broke though but will it
continue? I think what we will have here is the beginning of wide receiver duo
that will rival anyone’s in the league. The problem with fantasy with fantasy
owners is that either Maclin or DeSean Jackson will blow up, but they won’t be


Falcons (3-1)

Wow! I am still in shock from the butt whooping that they
gave to my beloved 49ers. They were definitely prepared for whatever the Niners
were going to throw at them. How about Roddy White? They finally figured out
that if they are going to pay them all that money they might as well throw him
the ball. The irony is that he helped my team won in the money league while
killing my 49ers, and I am not one bit happy about it.


Ravens (3-2)

How the mighty have fallen? In just two weeks they have
went from the top to No. 9. They also have to travel to

Minnesota this week and could fall
completely off the list. Losing two close games in a row has to be rough for
any Ravens fan. What is ironic is that the defense is not up to par with the
offense, and somewhere deep in my darkened soul, I find that kind of hilarious!


New York
Jets (3-2)

The Miami Dolphins kind of exposed the Jets defense with
their “Wildcat” formation but I have to believe Rex Ryan will fix that. Ryan
likes to blitz, but power-running teams run it down your throat and they never
adjusted to that. On the bright side, Braylon Edwards seems to be happy and
productive, which brings me to my next point: Eric Mangini has done more for
the Jets after he was fired then he did when he was with the team.


New England
Patriots (3-2)

Tom Brady looks like he is out of sync with his inner
happy place, or he is just not confident in that knee. Either way, the perfect
prescription for what ails him is the Titan pass defense, which they play next.
The defense seems to be gelling together, and I hate to say it: if the offense
gets it together they will be the best team in football. That, however, might
not happen until 2010.

Other Notes that the Government is Watching Me For
Illegal Journalism …

I know the Miami Dolphins version of the Wildcat is
working, but I here to tell that in a couple of years, no one will be running
it. I have heard from a lot of people that it is here to stay and whatever, but
I will believe it when I see it. Of course they said the same thing about the
46 defense, the Run and Shoot, the Veer, the triple option, and I could go on
and on but I won’t. Someone smarter than me will figure a way to stop it. If in
2012, it is still around, I will eat my words. Just for reference, the
“wildcat” is not the “wildcat” when you have a running quarterback taking the
snap; it is the spread option.

Are you looking for an all-world cornerback, come on down
to Crazy Al’s. Say, do you need a used defensive end at a bargain? Has Crazy Al
Got a deal for you! Everything must go!!! Perhaps you are in the market for an
offensive lineman pretending to play quarterback! Come on down to Raider Fire
Sale and speak to Crazy Al and he will take care of you.

As long as I am writing this piece of garbage every week,

San Francisco
49ers will not be in the Top 10. I have to admit, due to my homerism, I thought
they were better then they were. I, along with the team, and the fan base was
in for a rude awakening. Do I think they are 45-10 bad against the Falcons bad?
No, but we are not as good as the elite teams in the league. They could still
win their division, but let’s finally be honest: the division is terrible. That
was the most disappointing loss I went through as a fan in a long, long time.
It was like they were not ready and when the wheels fell off they quit trying.
Nothing is worse than watching your team that gets paid millions of dollars not
even giving it their full effort.

What the heck was that play call, Houston Texans? A run up
the middle with Chris Brown? Hello? He has been terrible all season.

My top five P.U. teams

1. Rams

2. Buccaneers

3. Chiefs

4. Raiders

5. Redskins

Feel free to disagree with me, call me out, and tell me
how lame I am …

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